Pastor’s Desk

To be pro-life it to be pro-value

Father Stephen
Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Posted October 4, 2012

Father Stephen Folorunso

Holy Trinity Catholic Church


The month of October is a pro-life month. The issues about pro-life in our country and indeed in our world has been largely construed, if not misunderstood. I strongly believe that in order to tackle the issue of pro-life, we need to reshape our values.

In my best; I think our value system has broken down. Like any problem, we need to lay a good foundation of our values before we can talk of any major issues in our society – such as pro-life, crimes, addiction, trafficking, etc.

The first line of defense against any major social issue, such as pro-life, is to bring back our value system and correct our morality. If not, it will be like pouring water into a woven basket: it will not hold.

Pro-life is not about abortion alone, it is all about values.

A family that is broken down and neglects their children cannot expect the children to be good and outstanding citizens.

As we say, “what you sow, is what you reap.” We live in a more society where parenting has relegated to just raising children.

Parents are more friends to their children than being Dad and Mom. Survival responsibility has been shifted to institutional responsibility. For example, a parent has left disciplining of their children for the state (government.) We have taken family decisions and turned it over to the legislature and courts. Such that if my child deserved to spanked, so be it.

I would not have to fear anything or anyone in raising my children.

It is when children are raised by parents, not the state, in a good, loving and caring home that we can have a good and moral society.

We all love life and know that life comes from God, but if our attitude to life and lessons taught about life does not mirror that of God, then we will have a problem with being pro-life. For example: a child that is raised by the parents in a loving home, with respect and dignity for oneself and others, will grow to live out this value. He or she will treat others the way they would want to be treated. This child will grow up to respect his or her own body, sexuality and outlook of life in general.