Fire under containment

The fire that swept through Bucyrus last night has been contained, according to officials. The elevator and church are still standing, as are some homes. Some people lost everything. Law enforcement came from Perkins and Bowman to help with road blocks, and fire trucks came from as far away as Bismark to offer their help. Water trucks came from towns in every direction in addition to the oil fields, so there was plenty of water to help put out the flames, but the winds, gusting up to 65 mph at times, just kept it going.

There are areas still smoldering, and the wind is expected to continue throughout the day. Highway 12 is now open, however people are asked to not just drive down to see the damage. Firemen were on duty throughout the night, and are expected to be on the scenes throughout the day and night today.

There were no injuries and no reported livestock losses.

More than 50 power poles from MDU burned, and the wires and cables are still hanging. It has been reported most still have power, and estimated a month to get the poles replaced. Most in the the area are on rural power coops.

Farmers came out with tractors and drills, making fire breaks where they could, which helped save some homes.

The Clothes Closet in Hettinger has opened for those needing clothing, and for those in need of coats call Heather at 567-3437.