Hettinger won the tournament, Bowman placed second and Killdeer qualified eight for state.

Co-coahces of teh year, Randy Burwick of Hettinger-Scranton and Shawn Voight of Beulah-Hazen.
Co-coahces of the year, Randy Burwick of Hettinger-Scranton and Shawn Voight of Beulah-Hazen.

 Posted Feb. 14, 2013

From Bowman

TEAM STANDINGS ~ Hettinger 218.5, Bowman County 173, Beulah-Hazen 147, Watford City 147, Killdeer 124, New Salem-Almont 109, Standing Rock 56.


1st ~ Jade Hepper of Watford City

2nd ~ Tyrel Mellmer of Beulah-Hazen

3rd ~ Alec Andress of Hettinger

4th ~ Sth Johnson of New Salem-Almont

5th ~ Matt Hildebrandt of Bowman County

1st Place Match

Jade Hepper (Watford City) 24-13, Fr., over Tyrel Mellmer (Beulah-Hazen) 28-10, 8th. (SV-1, 8-6)

3rd Place Match

Alec Andress (Hettinger) 24-22, 7th, over Seth Johnson (New Salem-Almont) 4-11, 7th. (Pin 2:15)

5th Place Match

Matt Hildebrandt (Bowman County) 9-12, 8th, received a bye.


1st ~ Talan Nielsen of Bowman County

2nd ~ Logan Gumke of Watford City

3rd ~ Lucas Ormiston of Hettinger

4th ~ Cole Dukart of Killdeer

5th ~ Jeremy Leintz of Beulah-Hazen

1st Place Match

Talen Nielsen (Bowman County) 15-14, So., over Logan Gumke (Watford City) 22-15, So. (Dec. 5-4).

3rd Place Match

Lucas Ormiston (Hettinger) 25-13, Fr. Over Cole Dukart (Killdeer) 15-18, 7th (Pin 4:34)

5th Place Match

Jeremy Leintz (Beulah-Hazen) 30-15, 8th, received a bye


1st ~ Joshua Snyder of Beulah-Hazen

2nd ~ Chauncey Hughes of Hettinger

3rd ~ Matt Carlson of Bowman County

4th ~ Jace Horner of Killdeer

5th ~ Dakota Garmann of Watford City

1st Place Match

Joshua Snyder (Beulah-Hazen) 23-17, Fr. over Chauncey Hughes (Hettinger) 18-14, So. (Pin 3:47)

3rd Place Match

Matt Carlson (Bowman County) 26-12, 8th over Jace Horner (Killdeer) 12-16, 8th (Dec. 4-3)

5th Place Match

Dakota Garmann (Watford City) 8-16, Fr. received a bye


1st ~ Codi Tomac of Hettinger

2nd ~ Cullen Seeger of New Salem-Almont

3rd ~ Derek Tabor of Killdeer

4th ~ Coleton Jones of Watford City

5th ~ Damian Eslinger of Beulah-Hazen

1st Place Match

Codi Tomac (Hettinger) 32-11, Sr. over Cullen Seeger (New Salem-Almont) 20-18, Fr. (Dec. 9-4)

3rd Place Match

Derek Tabor (Killdeer) 16-10, Fr. over Coleton Jore (Watford City) 16-19, So. (Dec. 10-4)

5th Place Match

Damian Eslinger (Beulah-Hazen) 22-21, 8th received a bye.


1st ~ Tanner Rohde of Killdeer

2nd ~ Matt Newman of New Salem-Almont

3rd ~ Braxon Yates of Hettinger

4th ~ Brenden Harrison of Standing Rock

5th ~ Clay Jorgenson of Watford City

6th ~ Tel Lardy of Bowman County

1st Place Match

Tanner Rohde (Killdeer) 24-10, So. over Matt Newman (New Salem-Almont) 25-13, Sr. (Dec. 16-9).

3rd Place Match

Braxon Yates (Hettinger) 14-20, Fr. over Brenden Harrison (Standing Rock) 15-16, So. (Dec. 7-4)

5th Place Match

Clay Jorgenson (Watford City) 18-15, So. over Tel Lardy (Bowman County) 11-26, So. (SV-1, 5-3).


1st ~ Colton Neumiller of New Salem-Almont

2nd ~ Logan Eisenbeis of Beulah-Hazen

3rd ~ Trevor Abrahamson of Hettinger

4th ~ Eric Bucholz of Bowman County

5th ~ Dane Larsen of Killdeer

6th ~ Kyle Cook of Watford City

1st Place Match

Colton Neumiller (New Salem-Almont) 31-5, Sr. over Logan Eisenbeis (Beulah-Hazen) 29-15, Sr. (Pin 4:00).

3rd Place Match

Trevor Abrahamson (Hettinger) 18-11, Jr. over Eric Bucholz (Bowman County) 26-16, Sr. (Dec. 12-9).

5th Place Match

Dane Larsen (Killdeer) 10-18, Fr. over Kyle Cook (Watford City) 9-25, Fr. (Dec. 4-1).


1st ~ Christian Hughes of Hettinger

2nd ~ Troy Steele of Bowman County

3rd ~ Austin Germann of Watford City

4th ~ Ty Horning of Beulah-Hazen

5th ~ David Arthur of Killdeer

1st Place Match

Christian Hughes (Hettinger) 19-5, Jr. over Troy Steele (Bowman County) 26-14, So. (Pin 2:51).

3rd Place Match

Austin Garmann (Watford City) 27-20, Sr. over Ty Horning (Beulah-Hazen) 10-10, Jr. (Dec. 6-4).

5th Place Match

David Arthur (Killdeer) 4-11, 8th received a bye.


1st ~ Rodney Vanhoff of Hettinger

2nd ~ Sonny Herczeg of Beulah-Hazen

3rd ~ Kegan Thompson of Watford City

4th ~ Curtis Summer of Bowman County

5th ~ Matt Bahm of New Salem-Almont

1st Place Match

Rodney Vanhoff (Hettinger) 29-6, Sr. over Sonny Herczeg (Beulah-Hazen) 15-21, Jr. (TF 18-1).

3rd Place Match

Kegan Thompson (Watford City) 25-12, So. over Curtis Summer (Bowman County) 17-23, 8th (Pin 2:01).

5th Place Match

Matt Bahm (New Salem-Almont) 2-14, Sr. received a bye


1st ~ Taylor Heins of New Salem-Almont

2nd ~ Joe Nelson of Watford City

3rd ~ Dillan Jepson of Killdeer

4th ~ Scott Weinand of Beulah-Hazen

5th ~ Logan Lachowitz of Hettinger

6th ~ Steven Beals of Bowman County

1st Place Match

Taylor Heins (New Salem-Almont) 30-3, Sr. over Joe Nelson (Watford City) 19-14, Sr. (Pin 2:57).

3rd Place Match

Dillan Jepson (Killdeer) 2-1, 8th over Scott Winand (Beulah-Hazen) 9-21, So. (Pin 3:33).

5th Place Match

Logan Lachowitz (Hettinger) 17-26, Fr. over Steven Beals (Bowman County) 1-3, Jr. (Pin 2:25).


1st ~ Micheal Longland of Bowman County

2nd ~ Daniel Arthur of Killdeer

3rd ~ Dakota Neether of Watford City

4th ~ Cody Fladeland of Beulah-Hazen

5th ~ Dalton Schaffer of Hettinger

1st Place Match

Michael Longland (Bowman County) 8-8, Jr. over Daniel Arthur (Killdeer) 10-11, 8th (Pin 0:24).

3rd Place Match

Dakota Neether (Watford City) 10-24, Jr. over Cody Fladeland (Beulah-Hazen) 4-14, Fr. (Pin 2:57).

5th Place Match

Dalton Schaffer (Hettinger) 9-12, Fr. received a bye.


1st ~ David Murphy of Standing Rock

2nd ~ Evan Mellmer of Beulah-Hazen

3rd ~ Colby Steeke of Hettinger

4th ~ Nolan Dolyniuk of Bowman County

5th ~ Hunter Olson of Watford City

1st Place Match

David Murphy (Standing Rock) 21-3, Sr. over Evan Mellmer (Beulah-Hazen) 20-10, Jr. (Pin 3:12).

3rd Place Match

Colby Steeke (Hettinger) 23-9, Fr. over Nolan Dolyniuk (Bowman County), 18-18, Sr. (Pin 3:43).

5th Place Match

Hunter Olson (Watford City) 4-23, So. received a bye.


1st ~ Gauge Harrison of Standing Rock

2nd ~ David Dukart of Killdeer

3rd ~ Isaac Ripplinger of Beulah-Hazen

4th ~ Denby Lueck of Hettinger

5th ~ Logan Fettig of Watford City

1st Place Match

Gauge Harrison (Standing Rock) 2-0, Sr. over David Dukart (Killdeer) 25-7, Jr. (Pin 1:39).

3rd Place Match

Isaac Ripplinger (Beulah-Hazen) 20-23, So. over Denby Lueck (Hettinger) 15-17, Jr. (TB-1 2-1).

5th Place Match

Logan Fettig (Watford City) 2-8, So. received a bye.


1st ~ Jacob Hildebrant of Bowman County

2nd ~ Kevin Sandgren of Hettinger

3rd ~ Colten Turner of Killdeer

4th ~ Tyler Krabbenhoft of Watford City

1st Place Match

Jacob Hildebrant (Bowman County) 16-6, So. over Kevin Sandgren (Hettinger) 3-12, So. (Pin 1:44).

3rd Place Match

Colten Turner (Killdeer) 3-5, 8th over Tyler Krabbenhoft (Watford City) 2-14, Fr. (Pin 3:48).


1st ~ Brandon Ehlers of Hettinger

2nd ~ Macormick Stuber of Bowman County

3rd ~ Ryne Storsved of New Salem-Almont

4th ~ Kye Bolken of Watford City

1st Place Match

Brandon Ehlers (Hettinger) 20-10, Jr. over Macormick Stuber (Bowman County) 12-19, Fr. (Pin 2:37).

3rd Place Match

Ryne Storsved (New Salem-Almont) 9-10, Fr. over Kye Bolken (Watford City) 5-24, Fr. (Pin 1:22).