First speech meet results kick off a good start to the season

On Saturday, Feb. 9, about half of the entire HHS Speech Team traveled to Richardton-Taylor for their annual “Jeans” Meet. Posted Feb. 28, 2013



Speech Coach

Special to the Record


On Saturday, Feb. 9, about half of the entire HHS Speech Team traveled to Richardton-Taylor for their annual “Jeans” Meet. We took seven kids and came home with seven awards! Jo Steen has already qualified for state in Extemporaneous Programmed Reading (EPR) by being the best in Class B at that tournament. Also winning awards for Heettinger were Joshua Qualls with a 3rd place finish in Speech-to-Entertain and a 6th in Speech-to-Inform; Jo also had 6th in Poetry Interpretation; and, Mackenzie Hicks had 7th in both Dramatic Interp. and in Poetry Interp. At her very first speech meet, “rookie” Keisha Hendricks took the novice award in Poetry Interp. Also attending were Stephanie Odom, Michael Shirek, and Skylynne Cummings.

To help understand the competition, the number of competitors in each event in which the team performed will be included. And, then you will get to see how our students did in both preliminary rounds and then in finals. Remember, the top student receives a ranking of a 1; the second gets a 2, and so forth; with the remaining ones below 4 getting a 5. There can be up to eight performers in a single section for each event and there are two rounds. The top eight performers after those two rounds go head-to-head in finals with three judges evaluating them.

There were 22 Serious Interpreters. Michael had a 1; Mackenzie had a 2 and a 4; and Stephanie (in her very first meet) did exceptionally well with two 3s.

In Humorous Interp., there were 27 participants. Michael had a 1 and Skylynne had a 4 in preliminary rounds.

Our best category for awards was in Poetry Interp. Jo had a 1 and a 3 in prelims and a 4 in finals for her 6th place trophy. Mackenzie had a 1 and a 2 in prelims and a 4 in finals to get her 7th place finish. Keisha had a 2 and a 3 in prelims that earned her the novice trophy. Stephanie also participated in this event with a total of 25 performers.

Twenty-five also participated in Dramatic Interp. Mackenzie had a 2 and a 3 in prelims to get into finals. Skylynne had a 4; and Jo took a brand-new piece in this event to participate.

Our state-qualifier Jo had a 1 and a 2 in prelims, and a 1, 3, and 4 in finals to be the 2nd place finisher behind a Class A girl who had two 2s and a 3 to edge her out.

As usual, the biggest category was in Humorous Duos with 34—(68 kids in this event.) Jo and Michael had a 2 in prelims; Mackenzie and Stephanie had a 3; and, Skylynne and Keisha also participated.

Just being a state-qualifying event with 15 participants, fill-ins Josh and Sky had a 3 in a preliminary round.

There were 12 entertainers. Josh had a 2 and a 4 in prelims; and, he ended with a 2 and two 4s in finals to take 3rd place.

There were 17 speakers in Impromptu Speaking. Michael had a 3 in a prelim.

Ten competitors performed in Speech-to-Inform. Josh had a 4 in prelims and a 4 in finals to receive 6th place overall.

Next week, I should be able to share with you how our team did in the two Bismarck speech meets at Shiloh and St. Mary’s. We will be having a few weeks with back-to-back Friday and Saturday meets, so we are busy and preparing.