GNO Spring tea tasting

Despite dark and stormy weather, ladies still turned out for a night of flavor and fun on Monday, May 27. 

 Posted June 5, 2013



Despite dark and stormy weather, ladies still turned out for a night of flavor and fun on Monday, May 27. The event was the May Girls Night Out; the theme was Spring Tea Tasting. This enjoyable event for ladies only is put on by Body Solutions, an alternative medicine practice in Lemmon, S.D. It was perfect weather for warm cups of tea, indoor games, and fun prizes.

Similar to a wine tasting, attendees had the opportunity to sample the featured teas. These organic, bulk, herbal teas were wildly different in flavor. The Warming Crimson Berry Tea was spicy hot with undertones of chilies and cayenne.

Pure Peppermint was just the opposite with a crisp, cooling effect. Some of the teas were floral, others were nutty, while a few were fruity. It was a tasty experience. Each tea was served fresh, one at a time. This allowed for games and contests between samples. Some of the goofy games included ‘What’s in your purse?’ and ‘Have you ever…?’. Participants had the opportunity to win tokens used to purchase the prizes they selected at the end of the evening. Each lady was given a tea charm to add to her GNO bracelet. As always, giggles and laughter ensued while attendees enjoyed fresh tea, girly games, and organic foods.

These delicious teas are sold by the ounce, as loose leaf teas, at Body Solutions. The gluten-free, organic refreshments are available at Body Solutions as well.

GNO is a fun, monthly event that gives you the opportunity to discover how alternative medicine can help you reach your personal health goals, while enjoying time with your girlfriends.

You receive a delightful charm for your GNO charm bracelet every time that you attend a GNO event. Cover charge is $10 for one woman, but only $15 for two.

So call your friends, invite them to join you (because that’s where the laughter begins), and schedule some time for you, your girlfriends, and your health. Hey, nobody else is going to put your health at the top of their to-do list, so why not enjoy putting it at the top of yours? The theme for the next event (June’s GNO) is ‘Under the Sea’. Hettinger’s GNO will be held on Monday, June 17 in the kitchen/classroom at the Hettinger Armory. Registration opens at 4:45 p.m. The evening will begin at 5 p.m. with refreshments. This allows for about 10-15 extra minutes for ladies who are not able to arrive until after 5 p.m. Ladies are unable to arrive until after 5 p.m. are still encouraged to come and join in!

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