Mama Mia!

It’s not unusual for cows to abandon the babies they just had, whether they had triplets or just couldn’t take care of their newborn calves.Posted August 23, 2013

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Record Reporter


It’s not unusual for cows to abandon the babies they just had, whether they had triplets or just couldn’t take care of their newborn calves. On occasion, these babies are taken in and bottle fed until they’re old enough to be weaned and can eat on their own. Around here, this kind of thing happens all the time.

But recently, a litter of five beautiful kittens were orphaned on the Kaitfors Ranch when a truck hit their mom. The kittens were taken in, warmed up and bottle-fed. They couldn’t have been any more than two weeks old.

The family has two nosy Chihuahuas who were very curious about these little balls of fur. The family swatted and shooed the dogs away from the babies and didn’t give it a second thought. But their female dog, Milla (pronounced Mia), had other ideas.

As the family sat down to dinner, Milla didn’t leave her post guarding the kittens. That might not seem like a big deal, but take into consideration that Milla is normally the first, very eager family member at the dinner table on any and every normal night. This was completely out of character for the 4-year-old Chihuahua.

As the night progressed, Milla displayed more and more motherly traits.

Taking care of baby kittens isn’t an easy job. There are so many things that need to be done in order to make sure they grow up happy and healthy.

One of the dirty jobs that can’t be skipped is stimulating the kittens after they’re done eating so they’re able to relieve themselves. This can be done easily with a wet, soft paper towel. Luckily for the Kaitfors’, Milla took over this task. She mimicked what all mother animals do, cleaning the kids and sending them on their happy way.

Of course, kittens, like any other baby, need to be kept warm since they don’t generate much body heat yet. While the babies do have multiple soft blankets in their bin and even a pillow, Milla once again takes the motherly role, climbing into their box and cuddling with the orphans to keep them warm.

The only task Milla can’t really help with is feeding the kittens. They still require cat replacement milk every four hours. However, Milla is always right there making sure her kittens are all fed, full and happy.

The kittens are now happy, healthy and growing fast. At just around three or four weeks old, they’re all used to their bottle, baths and their warm bin. Casper, Charles, Salem, Sylvester and PeeWee are thriving and Mama Milla is one happy, proud mommy.