Letter to the Editor

Watch for speed signsPosted August 30, 2013


Dear Editor,

I should have written this note a while ago, after the small boy was hit and killed by a driver, right here in Hettinger. We all remember that day and the little boy, and too the lingering sorrow felt in the community, and the sadness the family has to endure.

My wife and I are transplants from Michigan, we bought a house last year just west outside of town. The setting is beautiful, vistas of wide open spaces, sounds of birds, cattle, and of course the trains and an occasional tractor, car or pick-up. We love it-peaceful.

Then, The wheat crop matured and on came the grain trucks, 100s of them spread out over a couple weeks. Not only the traffic volume increased dramatically, the rate of speed slowly climbed and the beautiful vistas were obscured by lofting dust and dirt, and the blurred white panels. . . .  speeds were in excess of 50 mph.

Jump forward eight months. After several emails to the appropriate people to shed light on our dilemma, it was decided to place two 25 MPH signs at two locations on 3rd St NW-just north of Hwy 12. Many of the law abiding citizens are honoring the signs, but many are not – especially the truck drivers it seems-  and frankly as the wheat harvest is upon us, the danger, dust, and noise escalates, and it is clearly obvious the 25 mph speed limit is not being observed, let alone being obeyed.

Please, at your earliest, inform the public to observe posted speed limit signs (all around town.)

I have also stopped in the Sheriff’s office and made them aware of the violations, they will attend to it. My next contacts are the radio stations, and public service announcement outlets.



David and Karyn Burhans

Hettinger, ND