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The Hettinger-Scranton (HS) Nighthawk football team suffered a big blow to their playoff hopes as they lost to Center-Stanton (CS), 42-20.

Posted Sept. 26, 2013

Sheldon Christianson
Sheldon Christenson

by Sheldon Christenson

Special to the Record


The Hettinger-Scranton (HS) Nighthawk football team suffered a big blow to their playoff hopes as they lost to Center-Stanton (CS), 42-20.

I listened to the game on KNDC and it sounded to me that six turnovers and mistakes cost the Nighthawks dearly.  CS jumped out to a 22-8 first quarter lead with Kye Erickson scoring the lone touchdown for HS with a 75-yard kickoff return.

HS bounced back in the second quarter holding CS scoreless and getting TD passes to Erickson and Hayden Sadowsky from Braxon Yates.

But CS then held HS scoreless in the second half while scoring 20.  Logan Staigley’s three TD passes to Lane Erhardt were the big plays for CS.

I wrote last week the Nighthawks, Beach and Mott-Regent (MR) will be fighting for the fourth playoff spot.  I erroneously left out Center-Stanton, who now has the inside track for the #4 spot.  Looking at the remaining schedule, it looks to me the Nighthawks have to run the table and win the remaining four games which includes Shiloh, Mott-Regent (MR), Bowman and Richardton-Taylor (RT).

In addition, RT has to lose one other game, which is probable as they still must play Grant County (GC).  That would give both HS and RT 5-3 records and I assume the tiebreaker would be that HS beat RT.  MR would have at least four losses and Beach would be the same if CS beats them.

That leaves CS who currently has two losses and needs two more losses. They must still play GC, Beach, Bowman and Trenton.  Odds are GC will beat them and I would say that Beach may have the best chance of giving them the fourth loss.

Both Bowman and Trenton are currently winless.

Now that I have thoroughly confused you, both the Nighthawk’s Junior High, 3-0, and Junior varsity, 2-0, teams are undefeated.  Both were scheduled to play Lemmon last Monday, 23 Sep, but were cancelled due to wet grounds.  They are scheduled to play Shiloh at Shiloh next Monday, 30 Sep.

When I was checking football scores on Saturday I saw that Grant County beat Mott-Regent 88-14.  It was 74-0 at half time.  I double-checked a couple of other sources to make sure the score was correct.  Could the dogs have been called off earlier?

The Hettinger-Scranton (HS) Nighthawks volleyball team split this past week as they lost to Harding County, 3-0, with the C squad winning and the JV losing.  They beat Heart River in three overtime set wins, 27-25, 27-25, and 26-24.  But both C squad and JV lost.  In the Heart River match Cassie Holt, McKinsey Jahner and Brooke Slater led in kills with ten each, Talyssa Kvanvig with 31 assists and Slater with 29 digs.


Lynn Brown and Alexis Hicks are coaching the Junior High (JH) volleyball team and both teams currently have 3-2 records.  Here are their past results:

7th Grade–
-vs. Harding Co.  Won 3-0
-vs. Bowman       Lost 2-1
-vs. New England  Won 2-1
-vs. Mott/Regent  Lost 2-1
-vs. New England  Won 2-1

8th Grade–
-vs. Harding Co.  Won 3-0
-vs. Bowman       Won 2-0
-vs. New England  Lost 2-0
-vs. Mott/Regent  Won 3-0
-vs. New England  Lost 2-1

The JH had a triangular at Bowman last Saturday but I didn’t get any results on it by the time this column had to be submitted.  The Junior Varsity finished third in a tournament at Richardton.

HS’s volleyball schedule for the coming week is as follows:

–                27-28 Sept., at Dickinson Tourney

–                30 Sept., JH at Reeder Triangular

–                1 Oct., at Hazen

HS’s football schedule for the coming week is as follows:

–                27 Sept., Shiloh at Hettinger

–                30 Sept., JH/JV at Shiloh

–                4 Oct., Mott-Regent at Hettinger


See you at the games.