WIFE supports farm bill

Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) recently held their national convention in Denver, Colo.Posted Jan. 17, 2014

Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) recently held their national convention in Denver, Colo. Women from across the nation gathered to establish policy, elect officers and hear informative speakers.

Ruth Laribee of New York was re-elected to lead the group in 2014. Also re-elected were Vice-President Linda Newman and Treasurer Shana Baisch, both of Montana for another year. Darcy Dressler of North Dakota was elected secretary.

President Laribee said, “I am honored to be the National president of WIFE. These women are dedicated to promote profitability in production agriculture and are making a difference.”

WIFE members support the passage of the Farm Bill soon so producers will able to make their decisions before the deadlines. Every speaker during the convention supported the passage of the Farm Bill.

Harriet M. Hageman, an attorney from Cheyenne, Wyo., explained the practice of Congress passing bills and then allowing national agencies (such as EPA, USDA, BLM) to write the regulations. She called this “regulation without representation” which allows Congress to blame the agencies for regulations that upset their constituents.

In 2012 Congress passed only 127 bills but federal agencies adopted 3708 regulations. She called the regulatory agencies “the real governing class.” Hageman stated the cost for the federal government to administer and police the regulatory enterprise is more than $61 billion per year. There are over 300,000 federal employees. The states are losing their own regulatory powers to the federal government.

Dr. John Stulp, Special Advisor to the Colorado Governor for Water, agreed with Hagemann on the long arm of regulations. New water projects in Colorado have problems getting through the regulatory process. It can take up to 10 years to get a permit for a new water project which will make it easier to take water away from agriculture than to initiate new projects.