Letter to the Editor


In the 1970’s a number of corporate officers gathered to form an organization that would write legislation to favor corporations.  They had their eye on tax money, but any thing that would benefit corporations versus the general public was given consideration.

The organization was named “American Legislative Exchange Council.”  It was designed to operate at the state level.  Members would totally provide the wording for a law, then present it to willing law makers, who would present it for passage during the legislative session.

Often these lawmakers would hardly change a word.  A few years ago the general public discovered the existence of this organization, when various states passed exactly the same laws with the same wording.

What is amazing in North Dakota, is that the chairman of ALEC, is actually serving in the legislature!  In a match-up between the public v.s. corporations, what chance does the public have in this state.

Mary H. Rowley