Hettinger Public Schools Welcomes New Principal


College and career readiness is the goal of new high school principal Greg Johnson.


Record Editor


Johnson who was previously the White Shield, N.D. high school principal for the last two years is excited about his new job in the Hettinger school system.

“It’s an upgrade for me. White Shield was smaller than Hettinger,” he said. “This is a great area to raise my boys and I am really looking forward to it. Everyone in Hettinger has been very supportive, nice and helpful.”

Johnson who is originally from Brentwood, Wis. went to college to become an educator and coach, moved to Arizona to tryout or be a scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks. There he spent 14 years in management at JP Morgan and Chase.

He said while his passion is for baseball he is an avid sports person and enjoys golf, hunting and fishing. His favorite past time currently is spending time with his wife Arleen, who prefers to go by the name Faye and their two sons. “I love being with my family,” he said. Johnson also has a 23 year-old daughter that is married and lives in California, and a 22 year-old son who is married and lives in Georgia.

Johnson said that he is prepared to take his first month on the job to meet and speak with students, parents, teachers and the community to get a sense of direction as to where the school is to go, before developing a five year plan. “My goal is to provide the students of Hettinger the best possible education to ensure that they prepared for college and career readiness.”

“I like to think of myself as a servant leader and like to take into account the needs and concerns of others and lead by example,” he said.