Dakota Ryder Cup

2014 Dakota Ryder Cup Presentation

Hettinger, ND vs. Lemmon, SD vs. Mobridge, SD

By Greg Jensen

For the Record

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, 16 Men’s golfers, each from Mobridge, SD, Lemmon, SD and Hettinger, ND participated in the annual Dakota Ryder Cup contest at the Hettinger Country Club.  This has been a tradition for the last 7 years. 

Saturday morning brought calm winds and an overcast layer on the course, but as the first matches of Better Ball (Best Score) began, the sun began to break through.  Partners from each squad set out to secure the most of a possible 18 points available for their Team.  The finish of the first round found Team Mobridge ahead of Team Hettinger by a narrow 2 point margin.  Lemmon’s squad trailed only by 11.5 points.  Golfers, Stuart Schlomer and Jerome Gregor from Mobridge carded a 30 in 9 holes, 6 under, garnishing 15 of a possible 18 points for Team Mobridge.

Alternate Shot matches followed.  Team Hettinger took the lead by 3 total points over Team Mobridge and 20 points over Team Lemmon.  High point pairings for Alternate Shot were Rob Warbis and Jeremy Fordahl with 12.5 for Hettinger, 12 points for Brett Odenbach and Mel Frank for Lemmon and 13 points for Mobridge by Stuart Schlomer and Travis Svihovec.

In the afternoon, 16 matches of Singles, which is half of the overall points for the Cup were played.  Golfers from each town are ranked by their Captains from 1 to 16.  These matches are not random.  Top golfers play against top golfers and on down the line.  In the Singles, the standout rounds of the day were a 2 under 34 by Dirk Mack for Team Hettinger, gaining 12.5 points; 1 under 35 by Greg Jensen, gaining 13 points for Hettinger and an even par 36 by Eric Honeyman, also getting 13 points.  For Lemmon, Brett Odenbach shot a 2 over, 38, picking up 9.5 points for Lemmon.  High point golfer for Lemmon was Greg Erlacher, getting 12 points for Lemmon, shooting a 4 over 40.  Mobridges’ low round in Singles was shot by Spencer Merkel , who carded an even par 36, gaining 10.5 points.  High point golfers for Mobridge were Roger Hoffman and Rick Bolduan each picking up 11.5 points.  

After all rounds were played and point totals were calculated, Team Hettinger took the Cup back from last year winner Mobridge with the total points of 312.0 for Team Hettinger, 292.0 for Team Mobridge and 260.0 for Team Lemmon. 

Next year the Dakota Ryder Cup will be hosted by Team Lemmon at the Lemmon Country Club.  A great Thank You to the Hettinger Golf Association, to greens-keepers, Scott Fitch, Denby Lueck and also Sage Ohm for the efforts to have the Hettinger Golf Course in awesome shape, even after the tough, wet spring we’ve had.  Thank You also to Krista Warbis for administering the event and Kyle Kennedy and Kennedy’s Fresh Foods for the pulled pork lunch.