School is Making Strides in Staffing Just in the Nick of Time


With the first day of school just days away, the Hettinger Public School Board has been working hard to fill empty staffing positions.


Record Editor

At a Monday, Aug. 11th, special board meeting, the board filled the vacant position for a 5th and 6th grade Social Studies teacher, found a solution to somewhat lighten the load for the current Math teacher and agreed to extend an interim contract to Larry Sebastian of New Leipzig to fill the superintendent position.

The boards biggest challenge now is to replace Linda Doe who was the schools Business teacher, Computer teacher and Technology Coordinator.

Doe resigned after signing her contract for the 2014-2015 school year. Her resignation has left the school with some big computer problems that make starting school a challenge, as she did not leave passwords and IP addresses to the schools computer system and website. The school staff also has questions about a missing computer, that was supposed to be sent in for repair and about the placement and set up of new computers.

The board discussed the three options they had in dealing with Does’ breach of contract. To accept her resignation, to accept her resignation and fine her $1,000 for the breach, or to deny her contract and let the ESPB board discipline her, which could result in a suspending her teaching license for two years, not allowing her to draw retirement for two years, and a fine.

The board agreed to accept Does’ resignation contingent on her cooperation in providing the vital information the school needs in order to start the new school year smoothly.