Erosion at Mirror Lake is Causing Detrimental Consequences


The erosion at Mirror Lake is getting serious, despite recent efforts to repair the damage.


Record Editor

Both the Adams County Water Resource District and the Hettinger Park District met in separate meetings last week to discuss the problem. The groups will work together to restore the shoreline.

“Shoreline erosion on Mirror Lake reflects the consequential devastation. Lakeview Drive residents fear their road will soon be in peril,” said Arlene Araujo.

The Adams County Water Resource District met on Tuesday, Aug. 12th. It was reported that last fall rock was hauled into fill the entire east side of the lake but efforts to fill in the south side of the lake came to a standstill with it being such a wet year and without the use of a side dump truck. Rock was previously donated to the cause but it is not certain how much is left. The group was going to looking what was left and discussed the possibility of the Water Resource District along with the Park District purchasing more. Theo Schalesky said he would do some research into the matter.

The Hettinger Park District met on Wednesday, Aug. 13th and agreed that the picinic shelter on the east side of the lake will have to be moved as the post is fully exposed. It was suggested that the shelter be moved to the north side of the lake.

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