Hettinger Jaycees Demolition Derby a Bang Up Good Time


  Many of us have had the desire to get in a car and smash into the driver next to you, but few of us ever get the opportunity to legally make it a reality.


Record Editor

The Hettinger Jaycees held their annual car and pickup Demolition Derby, Aug. 16th at the Adams County Fairgrounds, where the crowd of delighted motorheads enjoyed the smashing and bashing of souped-up cars and trucks.

“It was a good Derby, and I thought it went well,” said Terri Lein, Jaycees member. This year was the year that will determine if we will continue to have the Derby in the future, he said.

That decision is still undecided, said David Timm. “We will have to discuss it at our next meeting and see how the event came out.”

The Pickup Derby had four driver, Mike Schmidt Sr., Derek Redeteke, Jonathan Dockter and Ty Seidel. Schmidt’s pickup was the last standing.

Competition was a little tougher in the Car Derby with 11 drivers. Drivers included, Marcus Keller, Eric Ridle, Mike Schmidt Jr., Derek Hoyt, Kaleb Witt, James Brixey, Wyman Gary, Josh Beckman, Shawn Klein, Clint Erickson and Derek Stewart. The top three drivers were awarded prizes, with first place going to Keller, second to Ridle and third to Schmidt. Hoyt was awarded the Mad Dog award for being the most aggressive driver.

Not all the fans were happy with the results and some got quite animated. While some of the fans may have not like the placing, “the drivers themselves were all happy with their placings,” said Timm.

“It happens at every Derby,” said Shari Erickson of Baker, Mont. Her and her family have come to compete in the Hettinger Derby, every year for the last three years. “We’ve had those things go on at our Derbies too,” she said.


Photos by Corie Lein