Dix Receives Award of Merit


Nolan Dix, KNDC Radio broadcaster, was presented with an award of merit from the North Dakota High School Coaches Association (NDHSCA), for his promotion of athletics.


Record Editor

The award was presented to Dix at the Nighthawks first football game of the season, Aug. 26th in Hettinger, by Gregg Grinsteinner, past president of NDHSCA.

“Dix is North Dakota’s voice of the southwest. He has made incomparable contributions in promoting athletics, athletes and coaches through his local sports, but specifically, with unique play by play for KNDC Radio sports and its coverage of all sports in southwest North Dakota. Dix also provides coverage for the regional cable company, Consolidated Cable,” stated NDHSCA.

“Nolan has a particularly refreshing passion for all sports and is not biased in selection of sports to cover. His special enthusiasm for football, volleyball and basketball is exuded only by his attraction to the other sports of wrestling, track and field, softball, baseball and cross country. In addition, Dix hosts a very popular and public relations productive, Saturday Morning Coaches Corner program.”

The award of merit has been given since 1970, to media personnel and others who have positively influenced or contributed to the success of North Dakota High School coaches, athletes and athletics. Larry Aasheim, Universal Athletics President also received the award this year.