Kazakstan Delegation Vists Hettinger


A delegation from the from the country of Kazakstan came to North Dakota to learn how to care for and raise cattle.


Record Editor

“They’re in a very infantile state of learning and to bring all this technology to them that we’ve had and how we micro manage these cattle to get as much as we can out of them as producers in this country compared to what they do,” said Larry White of the North Dakota Trade Office.

The group came to Archibald Land and Cattle on Sunday, Aug. 24th to tour their feedlot and cattle working facilities.

“I have been to Kazakstan now 33 times and have developed good relationships with the people there,” said Mark Archibald.

The North Dakota Trade Office has been working with the people of Kazakhstan since 2007, when they first came here to purchase machinery.

“So far we’ve imported more than 25 thousand heads of registered cattle and most of those cattle was imported from right here in North Dakota,” said Zharmukanov Nurlan.

While they were here they also looked at some of the cattle they may want to purchase at a later date. But the main focus of this trip was to gain as much knowledge as possible to better manage their herds.

Parts of Kazakstan have a similar climate to North Dakota, and imported cattle do well there.

“We showed them what we feed for hay and corn silage and discussed herd health and rations,” said Archibald.

The group is eager to return to Kazakhstan and begin implementing what they learned here in North Dakota.

The group arrived on Aug. 18th and left Aug. 24th. While here they visited NDSU Beef Research Center, Hoffman Angus, Carrington Research Extension Center, Schmidt Simmentals and Red Angus Ranch, Black Leg Ranch, Missouri Valley Veterinary Clinic, Tokach Angus, Dickinsin State University, Paulson Seed, Erickson Meet Market, Brooks Angus Ranch, Njos Ranch and also met with the North Dakota Beef Commission, the Lieutenant Governor and Agriculture Commissioner.