How to Cook a Turkey

How to Cook a Turkey: Submitted by the 1st and 2nd grade classes of Hettinger Public School.


First Grade Class:

First, we spray the pan and water the turkey. Next, we choos the tempch to 20 grees. Then, make the staving and put it in the turkey. Last, we set the table. Put it on plates and eat it! By Abby Kessler

First, wash the turkey. Next, sprae the pan. Then, put the turkey in the pan. Last, put it in the oven for 20 mints. By Liesl Jacobsen

First, clean the turkey in the sink. Next, put the seesaning on the turkey. Then, put the turkey on a pan. Don’t covore the turkey. Last put the turkey in the oven for 1 hour and 100 dagrese. By Kayla Schauer

First, cook the turkey. Next put it in a pan. Gres the pan and put the turkey in the pot. Put it on the table. Eat it with your Flamle! By Bryce Kari

First wash it and then gress the pan. Next put it in the oven. Then put the time to 00:20 minits. Then turn the tempchr oct 90 dgres. Last we eat it! By, Cameron Wieland

Put it in the kichin sink and wash it in hot water. Put the stuffing in it and sesin it. Put it in the oven. Set the oven at 1 ouer at 150 degres. The my famliey inkluting onts and uncles eat it!! By Micah Kilzer

First by the turkey at the stor. Next out your turkey in a pan then put your turkey in the oven 80 dugres. Then wat for it. Last eat the turkey with your famley. By Tashina Blueshield

First get the stufing rety. Then wosh the turkey. Next plas the turkey in a pna. Then diyl the tepchr to 100 dgres and put the turkey in for five or for awsrs. Last take it out and put the stufing in. By Allison Skogen

First put the stuffeyn in the terkey. Next put the terkey in the oven for 20 minits. Then put the terkey out of the oven. Last then you eat the terkey ans injoye. By Gavin Parnow

First, put it in a grest pan. Next, make stufing and put it in the terkey. Then, dyiel the oven to 100 dgres and 1 hour. Last, put it in the oven then take it out. By Samantha Salazar

First spray it on the pan. Next put the solt and paper on the turkey. Then make the stufing and put it in the turkey. Last put it in for 15 hours and 50 minnits in the oven. By Jake Galbreth

First wash the turkey. Next spry the pan. Then out the turkey in the ovone for 30 mitise. Last eat the turkey. By Tony Eagle

Spra the pans. Put the turkey in the pans. 15 moin is in the pans and putet n the uven. Put the stuefe in a defrt pan in the uven. Eat the turkey with famle. By Aiden

First wosh the turkey in the kinchn sink. Next spray the pan and put the turkey on it. Put sensing on it. Then put the turkey in the uvin for 10:1 min. last wen the turkey is dun take it out. Eat it. By Emily Ward

First put in hot wars and then we tak it out. Next put in a pan we sezin the turkey then put the turkey in the oven for 7 minits. Lat wate for it to get dun. By James Hedstrom

First poot the turkey in the pan. And poot the sesuneing in it. Next, sit the tipichr at 15 bugres. What in till the tipichr jist rit. Then, when it is rit out it in the oven. Last, when it is done tack it out and gobll it up! By Kloe Acton

First I buy it and spray the pan. Next put the stffing in the turkey. Then out in the oven at 200 dugereys. Last dail the nuber too 2 hours. By Kyler Schalesky

First, wash the turkey and put it onto the pan. Next put in the oven and gresit. Then turn the timer to two ourz and wait. Last tack it out of the oven and tell me how it tsets. By Jackson Hallen

First sprae the turkey and then put stufing in it. Next put a plate undr the turkey. Then set the table. Then put the turkey in the uvin. Put the timare on one ment. Put to 40 dgis. Then eat it! By Trevor Dally

First, you have to wash the turkey. Next, you have to seesings the turkey. Then you have to cook stufing. Then you have to put the turkey in the uvin. Last you have to eat the turkey. By Dru Dschaak

Second Grade Class:

First , sometimes I get my turkey from kennadys fresh foods. I pay for my turkey. Then I put the ingreints on the turkey like sale and pepper. Next I put our turkey in the oven and shut the oven door. Next I set the oven to 100 degrse and cook it for 10 minits. It is done in the oven when I open the door and it smells so good. Then I let it cool. I cut it and put it on plates. Next I put it on the table. Finally everybody eats it and says yum yum. By Gracia Jorgenson

First, shoot it. Then find it and put it in a car. Skin the turkey then take it inside. Put it in a pot and boil it for haf and hour. Put it in the oven four 1 hour at 100 dugreez. Cut it. Put it on a plate to serve it to my family. Finly eat it with some carits. By Hayden Defoe

Go to the groshery store and buy a turkey. Put iton a pan. Put the turkey in the oven and set to 85 for half an hour. When it is done put it on a plate and sprinkle some pepper on the turkey. On the side put a lemon and 1 letes leaves. And say it is perfect. Take it to the table at grandmas house. By Laela

First I get the turkey from mister kenede. I bring it home but befor you cok it you have to put it in the sink and then put it in a pot. A wille after you take it out of the pot and put it in the oven at 100 dgres. Then 30 minets later take it out and us the thomeder. Then you put it back in. later you take it out and cut it with faimele. At last you eat it um um delishus! By Chloe Geaumont

First get your turkey in a package. Bring it home. Next un package it. Next put it in a pot of warm water for about 20 min. Put it in the oven for about 20 to 30 min at 30 degrees. Then take it out. Put it on a plate. Next, put stuffing, masht putatos with graivy and other sides. Put it on the table. Finally eat it. By Kelly Schauer

First shoot a turkey. Next, chek if its realy is a turkey, next take it home. Take it to the oven, then set the tempritchers to 990. Next when its done wait for it to cool down. When its cooled down add some dressing to it. Last, grab a plate and dig in. By Isaak Guthrie

First, I killed my turkey and cut its insides out. Second, I put it in the oven and turned it to 200 degrees and waitind 2 hours 5 minutes. Third , I took it out after time was up and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Fourth, you eat it, yum! By Jackson Qualls

First shoot the turkey. Buchr it with a knife. Boil it in a water for two hours. Then, cook the turkey in an oven. Set the dugrey to 150. Cook it for one hour. Then, have a meal with turkey, stuffing, mashed putadous and bred and butter. By Cole Jochim

First, you need to get the turkey from kendeys fresh foods. Second, you need to pay for the turkey. Third, you need to drive it home. Next you unwrap it. Then you set the timer to 3 mines. Then you put it in the pot. Take it out of the pot. You put it in the oven for 10 minis. Next, you put it on a big plate. Let it sit for awhile. Next you put it on the table. Then you put sidings like stuffing and lefse by it and then you’re done! By Adelaide Kessler

First I would buy a turkey from the store. Then I would un packeg the turkey. Next I would put it in warm water. I would put it in the oven for about 4 hours. Then I would put pepper on it. Next, I would cut it up. Then I would make mashed pottatos with stuffing. Next I would make corn with it. Then enjoy family. By Avery Tuhy

First you buy the turkey, next you make sure you have all the ingredients. Then you uthaw the turkey in warm water. After that, you make sure it has the right temperature like 100 degreese. Then, you make the stuffing, potatouse, haggis and, pumpkin pie. Finally you eat everything. By Jasmin Warnecke

Frst, you hunt the turkey. Then you shoo the turkey that you want. Now, you pull off all of the feathers on the big fat turkey. Third, you get a desent size pot and fill it with water. Shortly after that, you put the turkey in the pot. Then, you put the turkey in the oven for half hour. Now, you want your pempachr to be about 200 drgres. Finally you put it on a plate. Last, the ingredens are salt and pepr. In the end, you eat it up! By Derek Kari

Get a turkey from Kennedys fresh foods. Put the turkey in water. Set the oven to 78. Put the turkey in the oven with carrots, potatoes and corn storch and leave it there for half an hour. Get it out of the oven. Squeeze out some of the juice and put it back on the turkey. Put a pinch of salt and pepper on the turkey. Put some stuffing in the turkey. Then rub all the seasoning on the turkey. Then enjoy the meal! By Sophia Kennedy

The Jahner way. First, you shoot the turkey. Next you bring it home. Then, you cook it in a pot for 12 minits in boiling water. After that, you take it out of the oven and stuff it with stuffing. Finally its on the table, but then you make sweet potatos, cream corn, veges, fruit and sweet pumkin pie! Now, you are done and that is how you make it the Jahner way! By Sarah Jahner

First, buy a plan turkey at wolmart. Then, go home. Get hot and cold water. But the plan turkey in the pot. Set it for an amount of 45 minits. Then put it in the microwave for 50 minits and loof. Wate for it to be done. Put solt and pepper on it. Last, eat it with smash potatos ant met homemade apples and pranges and water By Robert Larson

First, you shoot the turkey with a shotgun on a hot day. Then, you drag it to your pickup and put it in the back. Next, drive on the inrstate and drive to you home. You have to take off the wrap. Then, you put it in a big pot with a little water and some chopped up carrots. Finally, you put it in the oven. Then you turn the tempature to 100 degrees and turn it for 2 hours. Then half way you take it out and put a meathermomuder in the turkey. Last, you take it out and set it on the a towl on the table and eat it. By Blake Larson

First, I will get a turkey from the store. Next, I unrap the turkey and let it thaw owt. I wod put it in the oven for 3 howers at ten dagres. I will get a baster and get the joos on the top. I will see sesing and put it on the turkey. Last, I will tell the family to come eat. By Dominick Patryas

Ferst I sot my turkey. Second, I put it in the truck. Third, I take it home. Fourth, I cleaned it and washed it. Fith, I put it in a pot. Sixth I put it in the oven. Seventh, I turn on the oven. Ath, I set the tim to about 60 minits. Ninth, then I take the turky out. I put it on the table with mash butatatos. We eat the turkey and mash butatos. Finally turn off the oven By Riley Hasbrouck

First you have to get a turkey somewhere. You can buy a turkey at a grocrie store or you can go hunting for one. Next, you have to get the tools and ingredients to make a turkey. Here are some tools you need to make it. You’ll need a pan, a cook timer and a big nife to cut it. Then, you put the turkey in the oven for about 85 degrees and 30 minerts. You put the cook timer in the turkey, then your ready to cook it. Finally it is done and here are some things for the side. They are olives, salid, mash potatos, some stufing and finally the gravey. Wala it is perfect. Enjoy a nice yummy turkey! By Sienna Burwick

First you need to find a turkey and kill it. Next, you need to get the turkey in cold water. Then, you need to get the ingreans to cook the turkey. Finally, you need to cut the turkey. We will need to put the turkey in the oven for about 6 to 5 min. and, you proably would have a side of ham. When the turkey gets done you would put salt and pepper on the turkey. Then put it on the table and tell all my cousins and my uncles and aunts and my mom and dad to come eat! By Shaye Anderson

First, I get my turkey at the turkey farm. Then put it in the car and drive home. Next, unwrap the turkey and put it in the roster with water in it. Then, I would put the oven for 500 degres. After that, put it in the oven for about 40 min. when it is done take a thor moniter. Then put it for 40 more min. take the turkey out and take the water out with a big spoon. Put it on a fancy big plate, put it on the table. Put the plates on the table, then spoons, after that nives and forks. Make the stuffing and mashed potatoes, then make the ham and some corn. Put all the stuff on the table nicly. Invite family over. Eat it! Have seconds, thirds. If there is some left out it in the fridge. Then the next time you would put it on a plate, then cook it in the oven for 40 min. Take it out, then eat it again! By Erica Havelka