Adams County Fair brings rodeo, dodgeball and open class

During a busy weekend in Hettinger, that included the State Class B Babe Ruth baseball tournament, the community headed out to the fairgrounds for the 2015 Adams County Fair Rodeo.

Dodge Ball (RGB)

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor |

During a busy weekend in Hettinger, that included the State Class B Babe Ruth baseball tournament, the community headed out to the fairgrounds for the 2015 Adams County Fair Rodeo.

The events started Thursday, July 30 and culminated with the rodeo on Saturday, August 1.

The rodeo results were as follows (includes the Rodeo Slack performers):

Saddle Bronc (Will Bagley of Baker, Mont.)

Bareback (Thomas Kronberg of Forbs)

Bull Riding (CJ Pesicka of Timberlake, SD)

Ladies Breakaway (Teddi Schwagler of Mandan)

Steer Wrestling (Sam Arndorfer of Baldwin, Arndorfer is a Hettinger native)

Calf Roping (Cody Hilzendeger of Baldwin)

Ladies Barrel Racing (Wanda Brown of Edgemont, SD)

Sr. Men’s Breakaway (Mac LaDue of Trenton)

Team Roping (Turner Harris & Ross Carson of Killdeer)

The rodeo featured 300 individual contestants, man entered two events with a few entering as many as three.

The number of contestants was identical to last year’s rodeo.

Rodeo contestants came from North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

Top winner entered in a single event, CJ Pesicka in bull riding won $1,098. In multiple events the top winner was Samantha Jorgensen who placed second in ladies barrel racing and fourth in team roping—an event traditionally only entered by men—for a total winning amount of $1,246.17. Jorgensen was the top winner of the 2015 Hettinger Chamber Rodeo.

The fair also featured open-class static exhibits. The results are as follows:

Hand Needle Work (Sr. Grand – Linda Brazen, Sr. Reserve – Mary Whitmer and Linda Marion)

Machine Needle Work (Sr. Grand – Lisa Knopp, Jr. Grand – Grace Wolff, Jr. Reserve – Joclyn Wolff)

Quilts and Bedspreads (Sr. Grand – Elgean Thorson and Jennifer Seamands, Sr. Reserve – Lisa Knopp and Cindy Olson)

Arts (Sr. Grand – Lindsey Obrigewitch, Sr. Reserve – Manette Obrigewitch, Jr. Grand – Kelby Pemberton, Jr. Reserve – Kelby Pemberton)

Photography (5-Sr. Grand – Becky Block, Orby Regzon T. Reyes, Jessica Dooley (x2) and Manette Obrigewitch; 11-Sr. Reserve Lidsey Obrigewitch, Bev Heier, Jessica Dooley (x4), Dan Block (x2), Manette Obrigewitch, Becky Block and Junelle Suico; 4-Jr Grand – Rachel Larson (x2), Colton Damjanovich and Kestrel Damjanovich; 4-Jr. Reserve – Rachel Larson (x2), Naomi Salazar and Rebecca Knutson; Golden-Grand John Gupman and Bonnie Smith, Reserve – Bonnie Smith and Linda Engraf)

Gardening (Sr. Grand – John Gupman, Sr. Reserve – Pat Kochel, Jr. Grand – Brennen Friebel, Jr. Reserve – Joseph Jorda)

Crafts (Sr Grand – Eileen Engraf, Sr. Reserve – Amber Wolff, Jr. Grand – Megan Lien, Jr. Reserve – Devin Greff)

Scrapbooking (Sr. Grand – Becky Block, Sr. Reserve – Melissa Schwarz)

Foods (Sr. Grand – Elgean Thorson and Craig Silkman, Sr. Reserve – Sharon Silkman and Melissa Schwarz, Jr. Grand – Megan Armiston, Jr. Reserve Olivia Havelka)

Preserves (Sr. Grand – Amber Wolff, Jr. Reserve – Linda Marion, Jr. Reserve – Kestrel Damjanovich)

Flowers and Plants (Sr. Grand – Skooky Ehlers, Sr. Reserve – John Gupman, Jr. Reserve – Emily Koffee and Kennedie Greff)

RZ Motors also sponsored the Dodgeball Tournament. The event took place on Friday evening, July 31.

Taking first was team ‘Little RZ Motors’ and featured Braxon Yates, Damon Mellmer, Denby Lueck, Ben Pearson, Brandon Pierce, Devin Faller and Jordan Dilse. Placing second was team ‘RZ Dodgeball Hands’ featuring Wade Parker, Jason LeFebre, Jerad Jacobson, Ryan Jacobson, Brad Messer, and Dylan Chadwick.

On Saturday afternoon, Earl and Skooky Ehlers were honored as Friends of The Fair in the Tanner Strand Memorial Show Arena.

The tournament took place in the rodeo arena and with markings showing the out of bounds area. Younger kids were recruited to grab the balls thrown out of the court area.

The Hettinger Area Chamber would like to give out a special thank you to the Russ & Kami Kling of Kling Rodeo Company and their staff, local Rodeo Committee and arena helpers, sponsors, FBLA and volunteers for taking tickets, Drug and Alcohol Coalition and volunteers for helping with concessions, Adams County Fair Board, Schauer Sheep Company for the Mutton Bustin’ event, RZ Motors for sponsoring the Dodgeball Tournament, Hettinger Ambulance and everyone else who donated their time or equipment during the event.  Lastly thanks to those who turned out to attend the events.