Triple Treat has new owners

There are new owners of the “Triple Treat” ice cream truck previously owned by Delwayne and Cindy Olson.

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There are new owners of the “Triple Treat” ice cream truck previously owned by Delwayne and Cindy Olson.  They started the Triple Treat in 2010 with the objective of giving their three grand children , 12-year old triplets Eric, Nathan and Ashley, a special experience while visiting them in the summer.  He told them that if they made it work he would give them the van.  They took their summer spending money from the tip jar.  The profits went into paying for the signs, gas and the products.  They also paid for the freezer.  They even had special t-shirts made up with “owner” on the t-shirts for the grand children and “driver” on Delwayne’s.  It also gave them a lesson in responsibility, a little extra money in their savings accounts and brought a special treat to a small town that normally only larger cities have.  They operated the ice cream truck from 2010-2014.

One of the interesting stories they had was when they drove by the softball fields.  The T-ball team was practicing and after noticing the children were straining their necks at the ice cream truck and not as much at the coaches, the coaches stopped the practice to let them buy ice cream.

Grandpa was true to his word, the triplets received the money from the sale of “their business” which now sits in college funds!  Delwayne and his grandkids, Nathan, Ashley and Eric Reynolds,  want to thank everyone for embracing this awesome adventure.

When their three grand children became too old and not making the summer trips to Hettinger anymore, Cindy and Delwayne weren’t sure what to do with the van.  Cindy knew me and knew my two grand children visit me and my wife Kim during the summer and thought of asking me if I would be interested.  I talked to my daughter, Chenyi Harriman, who lives in Bowman, about it.  She and her husband, James, thought it was a good idea and decided to purchase the van.

We got started late this year as our first outing was not until July 25.  We have no set schedule and with our 12-year old granddaughter returning to San Antonio the second week in August, we may not have too many more for this summer.  The ice cream truck will then go to Bowman and I’m sure my daughter’s family will use it there a few times before school starts.  We did a short Bowman run on August 3 and it was well received there also.