Jaycees donating to ailing mayor

When one of our own is hurting, we all hurt.

Richard Wyman, pictured with a photo of him the day he graduated basic training. Wyman’s medals are sitting in front of the photo. (Photo by Cole Benz/Adams County Record)
Richard Wyman (Photo by Cole Benz/Adams County Record)

That seems to be the unofficial motto of small communities around the state, and Hettinger certainly fits in that category.

The one that is hurting now is Mayor Richard Wyman.

Following cancer surgery Wyman had a setback and has been hospitalized for the past several weeks. Knowing that the family may need help, or just a little less burdening, the Hettinger Jaycees stepped in with some assistance.

The Jaycees is an organization that aims to help out the community through various fundraising activities.

“We emphasize community service and giving back to the community, and that’s where we choose to focus our attention,” said Aaron Roseland, Jaycee member.

The Jaycees host the Bar Olympics every college spring break and have done work with the derby, but the big fundraiser is their weekly bingo events.

For the past four years the Jaycees host bingo games at different locations in Hettinger for their annual fundraiser, a fundraiser that raises nearly $25,000 each year. Sixty percent of the proceeds go back into the prize pool and 40 percent goes back to the Jaycees for various fundraisers. And sometimes an opportunity arises that they feel they can help immediately.

“Every once in a while, when there’s a worthy cause, we have chosen to dedicate a particular week’s worth of fundraising to a worthy cause,” said Roseland.

Wyman was previously a member of the Jaycees, and through his contracting business has employed many Adams County area residents. Along with being the current mayor, Roseland said that Wyman has given back to the community throughout his years as a Hettinger resident, now the Jaycees want to show their appreciation.

“We just want to make sure that Richard and his family know and appreciate they are appreciated in our community,” Roseland said.

The money raised on the Dec. 11 bingo even will be earmarked for Wyman and his family.