Hettinger native named JDA Executive Director

Hettinger County has  a new Job Development Authority Executive Director.

Aryn Dangerud has been named the new Job Development Authority Executive Director for Hettinger County. (Photo by Cole Benz/The Record)
Aryn Dangerud has been named the new Job Development Authority Executive Director for Hettinger County. (Photo by Cole Benz/The Record)

Aryn Dangerud was hired on Nov. 1 and has been steadily acclimating herself to the position. Originally from Hettinger, Dangerud takes over for the retiring Mark Resner. Resner had been in the position for the past six years.

Dangerud is already familiar to the area, having lived in Mott for the past few years, she also is head coach of the varsity Mott-Regent volleyball team.

Dangerud has a degree in Pharmacy Tech and Mortuary Sciences, from Wahpeton’s North Dakota State College of Science and a school in Texas, respectively. She had previously been a sales representative for Aflac Insurance.

In talking with Resner, Dangerud was thought to be a good fit for the new role. She enjoys talking to people and the position offers ample opportunities to interact with the communities of Hettinger County.

Dangerud said the job has been going well, and though on the surface she knew about the position, until she stepped into the office she didn’t know the depth that the job requires. But given her affinity for community interaction, she is having not problems and said she has a lot to learn.

She has only been in the position for a little under two months, but Dangerud is diving head first into the job. Her office is already helping to raise money for the West River Health clinic in Mott.

An informational meeting on the clinic will be held on Jan. 18. An anonymous donor gave money to get the rooms remodeled in the Mott clinic. Two of them have already been remodeled, and now that donor is giving another $5,000 and said he would match fundraising efforts. So Dangerud and her office is there to facilitate in anyway they can.

She already had a passion for the county, a characteristic needed of the job. She really wants to see current businesses succeed, but she also wants people to realize their dream of opening a shop of their own.

“I just want to try to help new businesses succeed in the communities, and try to make it a better place to live,” Dangerud said. “If they do want to start a dream in their own business I’d love to help them.”

Part of Dangerud’s position is searching for programs that ease the burden of business owners, and though the office can be limited, they are always there to find an answer.

Dangerud has some vision for her job too. She possibly would like to see an all-season event center built in Mott, and would also like assist in bringing more tourism traffic to the enchanted highway.

Dangerud is excited for the future, and the future of Hettinger County and anyway she can help.

“I’m just really excited, I’ve met so many great people already, and I’m excited to continue learning,” Dangerud said. “