Neighboring News


Ray Greff was a Tuesday afternoon visitor and helped with a Project.  Don Roth called on Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson in the evening.

Tiss Johnson


Gary Friedt was a brief caller Wednesday morning.  Todd Green was an afternoon caller of Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson.

Thursday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made trips to Mott, New Leipzig and Elgin in the afternoon.

Friday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a quick trip to Mott, then down to the south ranch to take care of some business.  Lester Longwood was a visitor that afternoon.  Morell and Tiss had supper in Lemmon and stopped at Vern and Roni Klein’s for a visit before heading to the north ranch.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning visited with Bertha Hirning at the Mott Nursing Home Sunday evening. Tiss also visited with Ernestine Miller.

Lynn Frey, Bart Carmichael and Kent LaDue were among those who attended the Ranching for Profit school held in Rapid City last week.

Donny Frisvold and Lynn Frey traveled to Sturgis Tuesday.

Monte Frey helped work heifers at the Frey ranch Friday.

Albert Keller traveled to Timberlake to work on a project at his mom’s.

Thursday, Bridget Keller and the boys picked Albert up and traveled to Bismarck for appointments. They returned to Patricia Keller’s Friday night. Albert stayed the weekend there while Bridget and the boys returned home Saturday morning.

Bridget and the boys went to church Sunday morning. That afternoon Jackie Bierman and Scot Dunlavy, Ft Pierre, were afternoon visitors of Bridget and boys.

Mike Gunn visited with his dad, Vince Gunn Sunday morning.

Vince Gunn played cards at Summerville Sunday afternoon.

Thursday afternoon LaVonne Foss brought Shirley Johnson down to Bison to visit a hair dresser and LaVonne visited with Thelma Sandgren.  After LaVonne picked up Shirley they all enjoyed coffee and goodies with Thelma.

Leonard Chapman took Thelma Sandgren to Hettinger Friday morning to take care of some business and later visited at the Nursing Home. On their way home they had a coffee hour at Lodgepole. Only a dozen men to make it entertaining.  Good fun.

Sunday, evening the Hymn sing in Bison. Thank God for good weather and a large crowd.

Gary and Jodi Johnson attended the Black Hills Stock show in Rapid City Friday through Sunday. Lexi Johnson spent the weekend with her grandparents, John and Shirley Johnson.

Zabrina Miller spent Thursday through Sunday with her grandparents, Jim and Patsy Miller.  Matt and Christi came to pick her up Sunday evening.

Jim Miller visited with his mother, Violet Miller at the Hettinger Care Center Friday. Jim and Patsy also played cards at the Senior Center.

Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Bison Monday.

Archie Goodrich was a Sunday overnight guest of Jim and Patsy Miller.


Carolyn Petik spent Friday in Lemmon with her mother, Irene young.

Mirandi Bakken spent Saturday with her grandmother, Carolyn Petik.


Christina Dehn of Bismarck arrived Friday at the Barnes Ranch.  She returned to her home Sunday.

Ramon and Cathy Barnes visited with Dean LaDue at the Hettinger hospital Sunday.

Friday morning early, Vern and James Klein drove Hope Klein to Dickinson. Hope flew to Spokane, WA to spend some times with her boyfriend.

Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson were Friday evening visitors of Vern and Roni Klein.

Vern, Roni and Jim Klein and Jade Schaff made a trip to Hettinger Saturday afternoon.