Night Hawk wrestlers finish 2nd at East-West

For the third straight year, Carrington captured the annual East-West Classic wrestling tournament in New Salem, Jan. 29-30.  They easily outdistanced second place Hettinger-Scranton by 73.5 points.


This was the 40th East-West tournament that New Salem has hosted, and Carrington is the top winner with 12 championships followed by Napoleon with 11.

The Hettinger Black Devils have taken the championship three times, 1996, 1999 and 2001.

Out of the past 39 tournaments, the winner has gone on to win the state tourney 27 of those 39 years.

Kyle Burwick and Colbey Steeke were champions for the Night Hawks.  Both recorded three falls to reach the finals.  Burwick decisioned Chauncey Dittus of New Salem 10-0 in the finals.  Steeke decisioned Jake Belland of Watford City 7-0 in the finals.  Mason DeFoe lost an overtime match to Riley Zachmeier from Rugby in the semi-finals at 106.  Zachmeier went on to win the championship.  This was the third time they have faced each other with Zachmeier winning twice.  Cale Schalesky injured his elbow in the semis at 132, which ended his tournament.

An interesting outcome was No. 2 rated Alex Barbion of Beulah-Hazen who pinned No. 1 rated Jordan Will of Minot Ryan in the finals.  Barbion had earlier pinned the No. 3 rated Tyrell Larson of Carrington.

Team scores

1. Carrington 242. 2. Hettinger-Scranton 168.5. 3. Lisbon 145.5. 4. Beulah-Hazen 142.5. 5. Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter 117.5. 6. Minot Ryan 110.5. 7. Hillsboro-Central Valley 99. 8. South Border 95.5 9. Watford City 95. 10. Oakes 83.5. 11. Bowman County 82. 12. New Salem-Almont 71. 13. Velva 68.5. 14. Des Lacs-Burlington 61. 15. Stanley 53. 16. Killdeer 48. 17. Standing Rock 40.5. 18. Rugby 38. 19. Nothern Lights 32. 20. Kenmare 23. 21. Williams County 21. 22. New Town 18. 23. Harvey-Wells County 5. 24. LaMoure did not score.

Individual results

106 pounds

Championship: Riley Zachmeier, Rug, def. Coy Awender, Oakes, 4-2 OT. Third: Mason Defoe, HS, def. Conner Ledoux, Ryan, 1-0 OT. Fifth: Hunter Schwab, Lis, over D.J. Martian, BC, by disqualification. Seventh: Liam Shannon, WC, def. Kyle Alfson, HCV, by major dec., 11-2.

113 pounds

Championship: Kyle Burwick, HS, def. Chauncey Dittus, NSA, by major dec., 10-0. Third: Kaydin Meiers, Stan, def. Austin Hendrickson, Carr, 5-2. Fifth: Braedon Gumke, WC, pinned Levi Lang, NGS, 1:58. Seventh: Austin Burgard, Oakes, def. Jake Herr, SB, 4-0.

120 pounds

Championship: Braydin Jangula, NGS, def. Jeremy Leintz, BH, 6-4. Third: Lucas Geiszler, Carr, def. Josh Irwin, NSA, 7-4. Fifth: Carlos Martinez, HS, def. Alex Madrigal, BC, 10-4. Seventh: Kaleb Beeter, Ryan, pinned Mark Jochim, SB, 4:08.

126 pounds

Championship: Garrett Jangula, NGS, def. Alex Alfson, HCV, by major dec., 13-1. Third: Grayson Roney, Oakes, def. Darin Vangorkom, SB, 2-0. Fifth: Tyler Hoggarth, Carr, def. Branden Burtch, Ken, 11-8. Seventh: Joey Berg, Rug, def. Ethan Lagge, BH, 5-1.

132 pounds

Championship: Jeseb Mogen, Vel, def. Zach Broadwell, Carr, 7-2. Third: Jared Kaseman, SB, def. Brock Aberle, 5-3. Fifth: Clayton Mattern, BC, over Cale Schalesky, HS, by medical forfeit. Seventh: Hunter Fritz, BH, pinned Reed Edwardson, NGS, 3:36.

138 pounds

Championship: Ethan Elijah, Lis, def. Jade Hepper, WC, by technical fall, 15-0. Third: Nathan Weigel, NGS, def. Colton Bartuska, DLB, 6-3. Fifth: Brady Davis, Carr, pinned Payton Witt, Ken, 1:37. Seventh: Jacob Ruggles, BC, pinned Ben Dalley, HS, 2:01.

145 pounds

Championship: Walker Carr, Carr, def. Joshua Snyder, BH, by major dec., 10-2. Third: Colton Miller, DLB, def. Alec Andress, HS, 10-8. Fifth: Mathew Carlson, BC, pinned George Smith, Lis, 2:31. Seventh: Jacob Bitz, NGS, def. Delany Lester, SR, 8-4.

152 pounds

Championship: Billy Holtan, Carr, pinned Konner Beeter, Ryan, 3:55. Third: Dalton Reinke, Lis, def. Mark Hastings, HCV, 6-3. Fifth: Tyler Erickson, BH, over Bradley Ladwig, Stan, by medical forfeit. Seventh” Logan Lachowitzer, HS, def. Lane Jeffers, BC, 7-2.

160 rounds

Championship: Luke Hastings, HCV, pinned Jordan Urbach, Lis, 3:40. Third: Kaden Wolsky, Carr, def. Cole Dauphinais, Ryan, 5-2. Fifth: Sterling Lee, BC, def. Ethan Anderson, HS, 6-1. Seventh: Brock Selzler, Vel, over Tyrel Mellmer, BH, by medical forfeit.

170 pounds

Championship: Bridger Anderson, Carr, def. Soren McDaniel, Lis, 7-4. Third: Jonathon Grunefelder, NGS, def. Derek Tabor, Kil, by major dec., 9-1. Fifth: Carsen Canfield, WilCo, def. Issac Anderson, HS, 10-4. Seventh: Martin DeArcos, SB, def. John Pruneda, HCV, 7-2.

182 pounds

Championship: Riley Lura, Carr, def. Dillan Jepson, Kil, 3-1. Third: Kobe Murphy, SR, def. Shane Forester, 6-3. Fifth: Connor Dennis, WC, pinned Jaxon Lundeen, Ryan, :28. Seventh: Tyler Kuntz, SB, def. Garret Dove, Vel, by major dec., 21-9.

195 pounds

Championship: Alex Barbion, BH, pinned Jordan Will, Ryan, 1:09. Third: Justin Helseth, Vel, def. Tyrell Larson, Carr, 3-0. Fifth: Jacob Schalesky, HS, def. Austin Kauk, SB, 5-2. Seventh: Jake Connelly, HCV, pinned Tristin Peterson, BC, 2:15.

220 pounds

Championship: Colbey Steeke, HS, def. Jake Belland, WC, 7-0. Third: Denzel Sanders, BH, pinned Garrett Hoelscher, Stan, 4:30. Fifth: Jacob Copenhaver, Carr, def. Riley Molter, SB, 3-2. Seventh: Spencer Schwab, Lis, pinned Max Defender, NL, 2:46.

285 pounds

Championship: Michael Kelly, Oakes, pinned Austin Moen, DLB, 1:02. Third: Paul Kurtti, NL, pinned Bronson Flynn, NT, 2:14. Fifth: Steven Harrison, SR, pinned Jackson Faller, WC, 1:30. Seventh: Nathan Lee, Ryan, over Kyle Larson, BH, by medical forfeit.