Foundation Board of Directors Gives $25,000 Boost to New “One Room At a Time Together” Campaign at Western Horizons Care Center

The West River Health Services Foundation Board of Directors took leadership by the reigns and jump-started the new “One Room At a Time Together” Campaign at Western Horizons Care Center with a $25,000 gift!

By TED UECKER | WRHS Foundation Fund Development Officer

Once the Foundation Board, along with the Western Horizons Living Centers Board of Directors, heard full-fledged needs and marketing presentations at the Board Retreat in Rapid City (1/16/16) from Western Horizons Administrator Mark Prischmann and Foundation Director Ted Uecker about the proposed “One Room At a Time Together” Campaign to raise $145,500 to completely renovate 42 individual resident rooms at the Care Center; they went to the next room, met with CFO Nathan Stadheim, and the motion carried to forward $25,000 to the campaign. Once approved, the Foundation Board members presented their gift to the Western Horizons Living Centers Board of Directors. Which, needless to say, was gratefully accepted.

The Foundation Board members did not waste any time in going “all in” for the Care Center to make improvements to each resident room, including new flooring, painting, lighting, furniture, sinks, and decorations. Our moms and dads, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers deserve better than we currently provide.

The Hettinger City Council, Uecker Yards Inc., Farmers Union Insurance and the Community Clothes Closet had already agreed and stepped forward with $5,500, $4,500, $2,000 and $2,000 respectively; so with the Foundation’s $25,000 gift, there would be $39,000 to immediately get started on renovating the first 8 rooms in the northeast wing. In this way, the public could view the renovations; thereby helping convince them to support the campaign.

The 27 rooms that require new flooring are estimated at $4,000 per room; whereas the 15 rooms not requiring new flooring are estimated at $2,500 per room. For businesses, organizations and families that decide to give over $2,500, a plaque will be engraved and placed just outside each resident room recognizing that sponsor. Of course, we will also be developing a Wall of Honor for all gifts over $100. And every gift, no matter the size, is most respected.

This past week the Foundation began hitting the streets to promote the new campaign. Ted Uecker and Mark Prischmann were on KNDC’s TTO morning program and an article hit the front page of the Adams County Record.  Area businesses, organizations and families will be receiving an invitation in the mail to join the campaign. Hopefully, they will be interested in visiting with Ted about possibly joining us in this worthwhile endeavor. He can be reached at any time at 701-567-3666, 701-567-4561 or at

So far, through Wednesday 2/10, we have raised $42,009 toward our $145,500 fundraising goal. Once the newspaper, radio and outdoor billboard advertising hits the area, everyone will know about our “One Room At a Time Together” Campaign. We believe that our area elderly deserve a nicer, more updated 21st century residence than they currently have. Please consider joining us today. Onward!