Night Hawk boys win ‘C’ basketball tourney

The Night Hawk boy’s “C” basketball team took on eight other teams in the “C” basketball tourney at Trinity conducted on Feb. 6 and 15, and they came out champions.


The nine teams were divided into three pools with the three winners then playing for the championship in Pool A on Feb. 15. Results from the first day, Saturday Feb. 6, 2016, are as follows: Pool A Rich.-Taylor 61, New England 55 Beulah 72, New England 69 Beulah 67, Rich.-Taylor 43 Pool B Glen Ullin-Heb. 46, Heart River 38 Glen Ullin-Heb. 56, Hazen 31 Heart River 44, Hazen 38 Pool C Trinity 59, Bowman Co. 40 Hett-Scr. 53, Bowman Co. 35 Hett.-Scr. 44, Trinity 40 OT Results from the final day of the tourney, Monday Feb. 15, 2016, are as follows: Pool A Hett-Scr. 56, Glen Ullin-Heb. 43 Beulah 48, Glen Ullin-Heb. 28 Hett-Scr. 49, Beulah 48 Pool B Rich-Taylor 54, Heart River 51 Trinity 50, Rich-Taylor 34 Trinity 52, Heart River 28 Pool C Bowman Co. 49, Hazen 37 New England 62, Hazen 29 New England 62, Bowman 38 Coach Tyler Kostelecky informed me that the team played inspired basketball and really stepped up in the Trinity overtime win and the championship game versus Beulah. Playing for the Night Hawks were: Brett Christopherson, Jarad Anderson, Jesus Saldana, Jacob Dix,Brady Dillon, Gabe Eaton, Carson Schalesky, Warrick Dilse, Job Phattana, Ethan Dupper, Conner Dilse, Bo Wilson.