WRHS Lab Department & New England Clinic Shine In Foundation Challenge

The second Annual “Inter-Departmental and Satellite Challenges” for West River Health Services and Western Horizons Living Centers employees, to join the WRHS Foundation, which ran from February 1-19, are now complete. Of course, everyone is welcome to join the Foundation at any time of the year.

By TED UECKER | WRHS Foundation Fund Development Officer

The WRHS Laboratory Department, headed by long-time Foundation supporter Tom Braaten, won the “WRHS Inter-Departmental Challenge,” as all eight of their staff proudly joined the Foundation. They will be receiving their HUGE traveling trophy (engraved with their department’s name) as it is transported from the West River Ambulance Department (last year’s winner) to KB Jewelers shortly. There was a dead-heat tie for second, as the Radiology Department and Information Services/Mental Health/Nursing Education teams each had 8 of 10 staff members sign up. In fourth place was Administration with 12 of 17 joining; followed by Patient Financial Services in fifth with 15 of 22, and Food & Nutrition in sixth with 9 of 14. It should be noted that all of the Respiratory Therapy Department joined, but their combined team did not. There were 19 different departments or combinations thereof, for a total of 251 possible employees in the “WRHS Inter-Departmental Challenge.” Of this total, 115 joined the Foundation (46%). All 115 employees who joined will receive a special gift from the Foundation and the top six placing teams will receive new Foundation t-shirts designed by local artist Dan Boxrud at the Graphic Attic. Also receiving prizes for their giving individually are Dr. Josh & Carrie Ranum for the largest gift; Jim & Jenifer Long for the largest payroll deduction; Angela Hughes, who started the newest largest payroll deduction; and Paula Lewis, Patty Ness, Jill Sailer and Sandy Muth, who were the first to sign up. As a department, the physicians group gave the largest total $ amount of gifts.

The WRHS New England Clinic, led by their fearless leader Teresa Nielsen, ran away with the “Satellite Challenge”, as all five of their ladies joined the Foundation – by the second day of the competition to boot! They will be receiving their two foot high and engraved travelling trophy as it makes its way over from the WRHS Bowman Clinic (last year’s winner). This year, the Bowman Clinic came in second with 4 of 7 joining, and Mott Clinic was third with three of six becoming members. There were five different teams or a total of 30 possible employees in the “Satellite Challenge.” Of this total, 14 joined (47 percent). The largest individual gifts were given by Mott Clinic’s Carmen Schaible and New England Clinic’s Teresa Nielsen; the largest payroll deduction came from Mott Clinic Manager Lori Hill; and the first to sign up was the entire New England Clinic team comprised of Susan Peterson, Charlotte Schaar, Adrian Kathrein, Kimberly Jayjohn, and Teresa Nielsen – they sent ‘em all in together – as a TEAM.

The ladies at our Western Horizons Assisted Living Center retained their first place travelling trophy in the “WHLC Inter-Departmental Challenge,” as six of eight joined the Foundation. The WHCC Administration department came in second with five of nine joining. Overall, 17 of 60 (28 percent) employees at Western Horizons Living Centers joined the Foundation. The first person to join was Mercedes Bonomo; the largest gifts came from Phyllis Andress and Dianne Henderson; the largest payroll deduction from Lois Laches; and the largest newest payroll deduction from Administrator Mark Prischmann.

In the Grand Overall Challenge, we had 146 out of 341 employees (or 43 percent) join the Foundation in the last three months. This is an improvement of 30 percent over a year ago’s 114. However, we still have a long way to go to get all 341 employees to join the Foundation (195 more to convince, to be exact). It takes a long time to build a team. And even a longer time to build a successful team – we’re almost halfway there! Our Foundation believes it would be a terrific sales tool to help us convince our area businesses and organizations to get behind West River if we can show that we all believe in the organization from within.

To those of you employees who participated, thank you. To those of you who didn’t, maybe we’ll catch you next week or next month or whenever you decide the Foundation is doing its very best to improve WRHS (which ultimately helps you, your family and friends).

As always, the WRHS Foundation welcomes any and all gifts respectfully, no matter the size. If you need more information on what the WRHS Foundation does or how you could be part of this fast moving team, please contact Ted Uecker at 701-567-3666 or 6187. Until next time, we have lots of work to do.