Neighboring News


Tiss Johnson made a trip to the south ranch Monday afternoon.

Tiss Johnson


John and Shirley Johnson; Gary Johnson and Lester Longwood were Tuesday afternoon coffee guests of Tiss Johnson.

Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson attended the funeral for Dennis Hummel in Mott Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning visited at the Mott nursing home with Karl Kufeldt and Bertha Hirning.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning; Owen and Ann Blickensderfer were Friday supper guests of Kurt and Darlene Blickensderfer.

Clarence Roth called on Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson Friday afternoon.

Morell Hiring and Tiss Johnson and Ella Rokusek visited at the home of Loretta Magstadt Friday evening.

Monday evening Bridget Keller traveled to Bismarck for Guard training and returned home Friday night.

Saturday, Duane and Dawn Harris, Stephanie, Ryan and Maggie Archibald were afternoon visitors.

Sunday, Albert and Bridget Keller took the kids into Lemmon to the park and were then supper guests of Larry and Sarah Dreiske and family.

Thelma Sandgren spent last weekend with Georgia Sandgren in Sturgis.

Tuesday, Georgia, Kylee and Thelma Sandgren attended the basketball game in Buffalo. Thelma then returned home with Kal and Jean Brockel.

Thelma Sandgren attended Lenten services Thursday evening.

Thelma Sandgren spent time with James and Marci Sandgren during the week.

Rick Foss, Jim and Angie Spenny, Larry Foss and Kevin Foss and Monte Frey were Tuesday evening coffee guests of Dorothy and Lynn Frey.

Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Bismarck Monday.

Wednesday, Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Dickinson.

Jim and Patsy Miller played cards in Hettinger Friday.

Zabrina Miller spent Saturday overnight with her grandparents, Jim and Patsy Miller. Matt and Christi Miller came out Sunday and spent the day with Jim and Patsy. Zabrina returned home with them.

Chet and Mandy Anderson and family; Justin and Jo Seim and boys were Saturday afternoon guests of Tim and JoAnne Seim. The Anderson’s were supper guests.


Katie Gilbert and her children Cooper and Emsley, and Sarah Jo Fried were Monday overnight guests of Mary Ellen Fried. Greg Fried joined them all for supper.

Carolyn Petik attended Hope Women’s Bible Study at the home

of Dottie Barnes on Thursday.

Carolyn Petik visited Irene Young at her home in Lemmon on Friday.

Jerry and Carolyn were Saturday dinner guests at Jeri Lynn and DeJon Bakken’s.


Leif Bakken was home Friday evening to spend the weekend and returned to Minot Sunday.

Hope Klein and Tyler Dean have moved to an apartment in Lemmon.

Hope Klein and Tyler Dean were Saturday supper guests of Vern and Roni Klein, Jim and Jade.