Trump wins N.D. online straw poll

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., announced Donald Trump won his North Dakota Republican Online Presidential Straw Poll this week. About 4,740 North Dakotans participated in the poll.

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Trump received 37.66 percent of the votes cast. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz finished second with 25.74 percent, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is third with 17.26 percent, Dr. Ben Carson came in fourth at 11.62 percent and Ohio Governor John Kasich finished fifth with 3.23 percent of the vote.  The results are similar to those in other states and national polling.

Cramer organized the online poll after state party officials determined there wasn’t enough time to organize a caucus, as has been the tradition in recent election years.

“The complexity of the rules and the short timeline imposed on state parties made it difficult for the North Dakota GOP to conduct the traditional caucus in a way that would ensure integrity, so I thought I’d have some fun and conduct my own straw poll,” Cramer said in a statement. “Never in my career has a party preference process been this exciting and I wanted North Dakota Republicans to have an opportunity to weigh in with their votes.”

Voting in the straw poll began on Feb. 2 and concluded on March 7. The poll is not sanctioned by the National or State Republican Parties and is not binding on delegates, but Cramer says it serves as an informative tool for North Dakota’s delegates to the Republican National Committee.

“My initial intent was to close polling on Super Tuesday, but the dynamism of the race led me to extend the voting another week,” Cramer said. “I had hoped to attract 1000 participants but am not surprised many more people cast votes. It speaks to the excitement and opportunity for growing Republican activism in this cycle.”

Cramer concluded by saying, “It is clear to me the Trump candidacy is a movement, and I don’t share the panic of many in my party’s leadership. Elections are about voters more than they are about political parties. It is time for Republican leaders to help Donald Trump be a successful candidate and then help him be a successful President.”

A complete breakdown of the voting is below:

Candidate (Votes – Percentage)

Trump (1785 – 37.66%)

Cruz (1220 – 25.74%)

Rubio (818 – 17.26%)

Carson (551 – 11.62%)

Kasich (153 – 3.23%)

Paul (91 – 1.92%)

Bush (45 – 0.95%)

Fiorina (29 – 0.61%)

Christie (22 – 0.46%)

Huckabee (15 – 0.32%)

Santorum (11 – 0.23%)