FACS Class helps elementary students learn art, trees

On Friday, March 11, the FACS I Class did an art project with Mrs. Kennedy’s third grade class.


In this project, we showed the kids how to make and design a tree by tracing their hands and arms. Each of us students had a step that he or she presented to the third graders. Each student was responsible for guiding a table of third graders from one step to the next.

Throughout the art project, the FACS students asked various questions about the development of trees. We emphasized the fact that no two trees are alike. This allowed their creativity and uniqueness to show throughout the project.

This project was able to encourage learning in a fun and creative way.

Submitted by: Jesse Qualls, Sage Ohm, Henry Hanson, Kalyn Schalesky and Cale Schalesky – FACS I class