Neighboring News


Patsy Miller traveled to Lemmon Thursday.

Friday evening, Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller, Ruby and Lenny Saftner of Kadoka were supper guests of Jim and Patsy Miller.

Saturday, Jim and Patsy Miller attended the Official visit for Eastern Star in Bison.

Sunday, Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller attended worship at Rosebud and then spent the day with Jim and Patsy Miller.

Kylee Sandgren was home for spring break, so Thelma and Kylee went to the ranch so she could spend time with her horse.

Leonard Chapman took Thelma Sandgren to Lemmon Tuesday and then on to Hettinger to take care of some business.

Wednesday, James Sandgren took Thelma Sandgren to Sturgis where they picked up Georgia Sandgren and on to Rapid City for some appointments. Everything turned out fine.

Thursday was Thelma’s day for appointments. She also had lunch with Pastor Tera Lowe.

Friday, Kylee Sandgren visited her grandmother, Thelma, before she returned to school.

Sunday, Thelma Sandgren made a trip to Prairie City and since there was no church, she had lunch with Geraldine Howey before returning to Bison.

Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson made a trip to Bismarck Monday. While there, they visited at the home of Tess’s aunt Muriel Seidel and with her cousin, Cheryl Schroeder who is visiting from California.

Ray Greff called on Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson Tuesday morning.

In the afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning hauled a bull to Lemmon and on their way home, they visited at the home of Vern and Roni Klein.

Wednesday morning, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Lemmon to watch the sale, they then headed towards Bison, but on the way, got sidetracked and stopped to visit at the home of Jon and Ericka Wiechmann with Tiss’s Aunt Kari Hoff. They also visited with Jon, Ericka, Dorena and Katie Wiechmann. Then on to Bison to take care of some business and then back to Lemmon, on to Mott, over to New Leipzig and back to Mott, where they visited at the Nursing home with Morell’s mother, Bertha Hirning and his uncle Karl Kufeldt.

Tiss Johnson returned to the south ranch Thursday afternoon.

Friday, Tiss Johnson had a booth at the KBJM Farm and Home Show. Shilo Johnson also had a booth. Lexi Johnson and Megan Nehl helped Tiss and Shilo out several times during the day. Morell Hiring came down in the evening and they joined Bob and Shilo Johnson, Lexi Johnson and Megan Nehl for supper.

Sunday, Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson made a trip to Medora and spent the afternoon in the park. They went out for supper before returning home.

Thursday Bridget Keller went to Hettinger for a meeting.

Friday Bridget Keller traveled to Bismarck for guards. She returned home Sunday evening.

Patricia Keller was a guest of the Kellers from Friday to Sunday afternoon.

Marilyn Schwartzbauer and Braelyn Miller were weekend guests of Dorothy and Lynn Frey.

Lynn Frey took in the Farm and Home show in Lemmon Friday.

Vince and Susan Gunn played Bridge at the Senior Center in Hettinger Tuesday.

Vince and Susan Gunn participated in the St. Patrick’s Day parade at Summerville Saturday.

Vince and Susan Gunn played pinochle at Summerville Sunday.


Marilyn Christman and Judy Lewis spent the past week in Boulder, CO with Jane Christman and visited with Amy Lewis and saw the new baby.

Gary Christman of Houston, TX spent the past week with Art Christman.

Saturday, Mary Ellen Fried accompanied Greg and Peggy Fried to the Hills. In the afternoon, Peggy and Mary Ellen attended a Bridal shower for granddaughter Jenny Fried. That evening, Mary Ellen accompanied Greg and Peggy and Dan and Teresa Sherrill to a City wide Band concert for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at the Civic center Theatre. Abby Sherrill was a member of the sixth grade band.


Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson were Tuesday evening visitors of Vern and Roni Klein and family.

Vern and Roni Klein, Jim and Jade attended the Farm and Home show in Lemmon Friday.