ELECTION 2016: Positions open throughout the county

It’s election time. And though many citizens may have been distracted by the Presidential election process, there are many positions open locally when Adams County residents head to the polls on June 14.

Person voting

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor | cbenz@countrymedia.net

The Adams County Commission consists of three seats with two of them up for re-election this year. Seats occupied by Gene Seamands and Kathy Vliem are open. Seamands has submitted his petition and newcomer Dustin Laufer has also submitted a petition.

Terms for county commissioners are four years.

The City of Hettinger, which sits four members and the mayor, will have two positions open. Kim Markegard and Suzie Reuther’s seats are up for re-election.

Adams County Election 2016Reuther is the only candidate to submit her petition.

Hettinger’s mayor seat will also be up for election.

A few months ago Mayor Richard Wyman resigned because of health issues. However, at a recent city council meeting, Wyman was re-appointed until the June election. At which point, the position will be up for election on a two-year unexpired term.

At the time of his resignation, Wyman was in the middle of a four-year term, so the elected candidate will finish out the term. Wyman himself will have to petition and submit paperwork to be put on the ballot, because of his resignation.

Hettinger also has two positions up for election on the Park Board, each are four year terms.

The city of Haynes will also have a seat up for grabs. Of the three-seated city council, only Rita Whittit spot is up for election.

Reeder will have multiple positions up for election in June.

On the city council, Mayor Joe Shafer’s term (a four year term) will be on the ballot.

Two city council positions are also available, both are four year terms.

The Reeder City Park Board will also have a few open positions open for election.

Two membership seats are open, both four year terms. And another member position is available on a two year unexpired term.

Bucyrus has three members on its city council and two of those seats are scheduled to be open for vote in June.

Seats occupied by Ardella Dschaak and Ruben Dschaak are both open.

Ruben Dschaak was appointed a few months ago, so he (or any another prospective candidate) will be seeking election on a two year term.

Mayor Jim Schaf’s seat is also up for re-election, which is a four year term.

Community members interested in running for their local elections should contact their respective city auditors to inquire about the required paperwork to get their names on the ballot.

The June 14 Primary Election will be held at the Adams County Courthouse for all city and county elections occurring within Adams County. The polls will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Adams County Auditor Pat Carroll also said that a vote-by-mail option will be available to those who voted in last year’s election. An application will be mailed to the individuals. Simply complete the paperwork and send it back. A ballot will be sent directly to the individual in time for the election.

A complete list of candidates that have submitted their petitions to run for office was not available as the deadline is not until April 11.