Burwick talks football with NDSU head coach

A highly touted and successful coach came to Hettinger and visited the head football coach.

Burwick & Klieman (RGB)
Night Hawk footbal coach Randy Burwick (L) talked with NDSU football coach Chris Klieman (R) in his office on May 4. (Photo courtesy of Jon Kohler)

Record Editor

Hettinger/Scranton head football coach Randy Burwick had a visitor on May 4, one with a dominant, winning pedigree at the collegiate level. Chris Klieman, head football coach of the NDSU Bison.

Burwick said the visits really started with Klieman’s predecessor, Craig Bohl.

Burwick said Bohl made it a point to come and see him every year, along with every other high school football coach in North Dakota.

“Craig Bohl made it a point, he said ‘I will see every coach in the state of North Dakota, because that’s where we’re at, we’re in North Dakota,’” Burwick said.

When Klieman took over, and came for his first visit in Hettinger, Burwick told him how Bohl made the trip every year. Klieman told him he wasn’t changing anything, and would be in for a conversation each spring.

The championship winning coach comes every year around the same time, it aligns with recruiting periods.

Burwick said he comes in and they talk recruiting and football strategy, but this year they had some more interesting points to discuss, the scouting and draft process of former NDSU quarterback Carson Wentz.

Klieman told Burwick that Wentz’s agent was incredibly nervous in the minutes before the first pick was announced. Holding the first overall pick was the Los Angeles Rams, and they let the clock tick down before the selecting quarterback Jared Goff. Goff happens to have the same agent as Wentz.

But after first pick it was only 30 seconds before the Philadelphia Eagles, who had the No. 2 overall pick, called and selected Wentz.

Aside from Klieman, Burwick got a visit from another North Dakota coach. Kyle ‘Bubba’ Schweigert, University of North Dakota head football coach, also made the trip. Schweigert is going to try and follow the practice, and visit every high school football program in the state. Buriwck is glad to see this kind of effort from two coaches of such large programs, especially when smaller schools only give him a phone call, or simply send him an email each spring.

“It’s the process of saying you know what, we’re a North Dakota school, and we’ve got to visit with the North Dakota coaches.”