Meet The Graduates | Class of 2016

Want to know what the class of 2016 will be doing next year? Read what they had to say!


Aric Spratta (RGB)Aric Spratta (Parents) Terry Spratta, Korina Spratta. (High School Activities) Baseball 9th, Basketball 9th, Wrestling 9th, 10th, Football 9th, 10th, Choir 9th, 10th, 12th, Band 9th. (Special Achievements) Honor Roll 12th. (Hobbies) Skate boarding, dirt biking, snowmobiling, snowboarding and most importantly, chasing girls. (Plans after high school) Get my general, then I plan on going to school to become a pediatrician. (Most beneficial high school class and why) FACS, to be honest, free food. (Person you most admire and why) My whole family, they pushed me to do better in school and wanted me to achieve.

Bailey Lee (RGB)Bailey Lee (Parents) Brand and Charlotte Lee. (High School Activites) Owls, Choir, FBLA. (Special Achievements) State music, honor roll. (Hobbies) Riding horse, reading. (Favorite school memory) Don’t have any. (Plans after high school) After high school I plan on going to NDSU and enrolling into their 4 year vet tech program, them moving back to the farm. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) English because I am a lot better at writing. (Person you most admire and why) My parents, they are honest, hard working people., and they are why I am who I am.

Baxon Yates (RGB)Braxon Yates (Parents) Shane and Avis Yates. (High School Activites)  Football, 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3, Wrestling 1, OWLS 1,2,3,4, FBLA 1,2 Librarian 1,2,3,4, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Science Olympiad 1,2, Robotics 1,2. (Special Achievements) All region defensive back, honor roll every quarter of high school, science Olympiad State Champ, Homecoming King. (Hobbies) Hanging with friends, hunting, fishing, and anything to do with sports. (Favorite school memory)  When Faller and I waxed Logan’s leg with book  tape in the library. (Plans after high school) I plan to attend BSC for renewable generation technology. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Auto, we always had a good time. (Person you most admire and why) My dad he’s pretty cool and I’ve always wanted a mustache like his.

Devin Faller (RGB)Devin Faller (Parents) Mark Faller, Krista Faller. (High School Activites) Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 2, Golf 1, OWLS 4, Librarian 4. (Hobbies) Hunting, Fishing and hanging with friends. (Favorite school memory) Watching people rip Logan’s leg hair off with book tape in the library. (Plans after high school) Going to BSC. (Most Beneficial high school class and why)  Study hall because that’s when I get to do everything I forgot to do the night before. (Person you most admire and why) My parents because they made me.

Eric Steen (RGB)Eric Steen (Parents) Mike and Michelle Steen. (High School Activites)  FBLS, OWLS, Science Olympiad, Music, Quiz Bowl, Acalympics. (Special Achievements) Placed in 5 State FBLA state events where I went to Nationals, Second at Quiz bowl and Acalympics twice. (Hobbies) Reading, Cooking, and Stargazing. (Plans after high school) Attend UND To study Computer Science. (Most Beneficial high school class and why)  Calculus, it taught me that I know nothing. (Person you most admire and why)  My Grandfather. He taught me nothing is impossible with hard work.

HaLea Mehrer (RGB)HaLea Mehrer (Parents) Brenda Olson & Carvel Mehrer. (High School Activites)  Owls, Volletball, yearbook, FBLA, Librarian. (Special Achievements)  Getting on the honor roll and getting nominated for the 2015 Hettinger Area Chamber for Commerce Student Employee of the year Award. (Hobbies)  Hang out with family & Friends, watching Netflix, working at Scruffy’s. (Plans after high school)  My plans after High School are to go to Cosmetology School. (Most Beneficial high school class and why)  Into to Business because I learn about new business ideas that im looking forward to owning my own business. (Person you most admire and why) My mom because she has always been there for me.

Hayden Sadowski (RGB)Hayden Joseph Sadowsky (Parents) Howard and Melissa. (High School Activites) Basketball, football, track, cross country, FBLA, Science Olympiad, Owls, Student Council. (Special Achievements) First team All State Basketball, 3 time all region honor Roll. (Hobbies) Fishing, hiking, Sports, Biking. (Favorite school memory) Sam Kludt getting locked in the locker room before a basketball game. (Plans after high school) Attend College, play basketball, go into exercise science or wildlife. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) English because we worked every day. It taught me that if you want to get better at something you have to work at it. (Person you most admire and why) My mother because she is so kind to everyone and animals.

Turbo (RGB)Katelyn Turner (Parents) Steven & Denise Turner. (High School Activites) Band 1, Volleyball 1,2,3,4, FBLA 1,2,3,4, Student Council 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2, Track 1,2,Hosa 3,4, OWLS 1,2,3,4, Choir 1, Church youth group 1,2,3,4. (Special Achievements) Placing at state FBLA my junior year, honor roll 1,2,3,4, renaissance, academic all state team. (Hobbies) Camping with friends & Family, hanging our with family & Friends, roller blading, bike riding, & hiking. (Favorite school memory) Can’t decide, but I’m guessing most of them happened out at the Chadwick residence. (Plans after high school) Attending Bismarck State College to become a Nurse. (Most Beneficial high school class and why)  English, the only class I retained absolutely everything from. (Person you most admire and why)  Cole Turner, Cole has always been there for me & I admire his strive in life. I hope to be as  hardworking & motivated as he is.

Kayla Chadwick (RGB)Kayla Chadwick (Parents) Kenny and Stacy Chadwick. (High School Activites) Bank 1,2,3 years/ Basketball first year/ GB State fourth year/Volleyball 1,2,3,4 years/FBLA 1,2,3,4 years/ Science O 1,2,3,4 years/ Student Council 1,2,3 years/ OWLS 1,2,3,4 years/Baseball stat 1,2 years. (Special Achievements) All-region volleyball team/honor roll all four years of high school/ 1st place small group in band(Junior). (Hobbies) Doing Puzzles/hanging with the Fierce Four/ camping with friends and family. (Favorite school memory) When Braxon Yates “accidently” hit me in the head with a ping pong paddle. (Plans after high school) Attend Black hills State University for a minor in Business administration and a Major in Accounting. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Calculus because it taught me that I really hate Calculus. (Person you most admire and why) My father because his sass inspires me to do great things.

Keisha Hendricks (RGB)Keisha Hendricks (Parents) Steve and Cherri Hendricks. (High School Activites) Speech(9,10,11), Drama (10), OWLS (9,10,11,12), Choir (9,10,11,12), FBLA (10,11,12), Science I (11.12), FFA (12), Student Council (10), Yearbook (12), Robotics (10,11,12). (Special Achievements) Receiving awards in Speech and staying on the honor roll all year. (Hobbies) Taking pictures, doodling random pictures, helping around the house, and working at Running’s. (Favorite school memory) Going to Texas and exploring. Absolute favorite was being able to explore the Alamo and different types of Missions. (Plans after high school) Go to school for photography. Maybe open a photography business, and go to college for Animal Science. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) English, because it has helped me succeed farther in life. As far as knowing how to write papers and learning the correct meaning of words. (Person you most admire and why) I admire three people. Its’s hard to choose just one. I choose my mom because no matter what she always helps me and never gives up on me. My dad, because no matter what people say he always shows them that he can do just about anything. Nothing is impossible, the word I’m possible is in it.

Lizzy T (RGB)Lizzy Thompson (Parents) Alex & Kathleen Thompson. (High School Activities) Volleyball, basketball, track, FBLa. HOSA, Science O, Drama, Student Council, FFA, Band & Choir, National Honor Society, OWLS, Speech, Robotics. (Special Achievements) State Champion soprano Soloist/ State Champion FBLA Website Design & Intro to Parli Pro/ State FBLA Historian/ 4th ast state track in 4×800 m realy/ hold the regional record for 4x400m relay. (Hobbies) Knitting, hanging out with friends (Especially the fierce four), being outdoors. (Favorite school memory)  Band & Choir trip to San Antonio, Texas. (Plans after high school) Attend Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont.—not sure for what yet. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Government, because I now have a better understanding of the way our country works & can now be more involved. (Person you most admire and why) My mom, she is so considerate without losing her strong sense of self.

Lucus (RGB)Lucas Ormiston (Parents) Kevin and Doreen Ormiston. (High School Activites) Football 1, Wrestling 1, Renaissance 1,2,3, honor roll 3, Student Librarian 3. (Hobbies) Hunting, fishing, hanging with friends, working on vehicles. (Favorite school memory) When Matthew spent 2 years working on his pickup then blew it up. (Plans after high school)  Work. (Most Beneficial high school class and why)  Auto, I like working on vehicles. (Person you most admire and why) My parents, they have taught me what I need to do to be successful in life.

Matt (RGB)Matthew Lewton (Parents)  Samantha and Jared Lewton. (High School Activites)  FBLA, Science O, Golf, Basketball. (Special Achievements) Honor Roll. (Hobbies) Hunting, fishing, mudding, hanging with friends, working. (Favorite school memory) When Mrs. Mayer let us play xBox on her projector. (Plans after high school) To work until I have enough money for college. Then attend Diesel Mechanics and get a job in that field. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Auto Tech/

Michael Shirek (RGB)Michael Shirek
(Parents) Todd and Catherine Shirek. (High School Activites) Bank, Choir, Speech, One-Act Play, OWLS, FBLA, Robotics, Science Olympiad, Student Council, HOSA, NHS, Quiz Bowl, Southwest Academics, Student Librarian. (Special Achievements) All State Choir 2 years, UND honor Band and choir 2 years, 6th Place Serious Interp at State Speech, Star Vocal and Instrumental solos at state Music, State FBLA Region III VP, Student Council President, Chamber of Commerce student Representative, Outstanding performance vocal small group, 2 superior acting awarsd. (Hobbies) Reading, painting, drawing, playing piano, Netflix, making videos. (Favorite school memory) The band and choir trip to San Antonia was the best part of high school. We all went to a ranch one night and had an archery contest and beach volleyball match. Our bus driver even played volleyball with us! (Plans after high school) I’d like to attend college to pursue a doctorate and career in medicine. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Spanish is one of the best classes you can take. Not only does it aid you in becoming more familiar with another culture, its Latin roots make understanding some English words easier. It’s a practical class with noticeable results. (Person you most admire and why) I admire Vincent Van Gogh. Despite a life plagued by mental illness and poverty, Van Gogh turned pain into something beautiful we still admire today.

Nathan Veitz (RGB)Nathan Veitz (Parents) Cyndi and Allan Veitz. (Hobbies) Singing and dancing at home and playing video games with friends. (Favorite school memory) In history class when we stared at the door frame and Mr. Kohler walked in and said “what did you guys do?” We all laughed while Mr. Kohler searched around his desk for suspicions. (Plans after high school) I plan to stay in Hettinger for one year and when I have enough money I’ll be leaving. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) English, because I’ve learned how to speak right, learned how to use grammar, and read amazing stories. (Person you most admire and why) My mother because she raised me all by herself and she taught be important values.

Paden McFarland (RGB)Paden McFarland (Parents) Steve and Roxann McFarland. (High School Activites)Played B Ball 8th & 9th grade.  Work with my dad most of the time. (Special Achievements) Good work ethic. (Hobbies) Helping my dad. (Favorite school memory) Auto class everyday with Mr.Schamltz. (Plans after high school) Go to WDT for two years for Transportation Tech-Diesel. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Auto- ‘nuff said. (Person you most admire and why) My mom and dad have taught me everything I know and still do.

Sam Kludt (RGB)Samuel Kludt (Parents) John & Shannon Kludt. (High School Activites)  FBLA, OWLS, Student Council, Football, Basketball, Track. (Special Achievements)  Academic Honor Roll, National Honor Society, All-region 1st team football, All-region academic 1st team football, state semi-finalist football, regional placer in track. (Hobbies) Fishing, playing sports, hanging with friends. (Favorite school memory) My favorite school memory is being locked in the locker room before out basketball game. (Plans after high school) I plan to attend college and pursue a profession in the medical field. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) My most beneficial class in high school was English. It taught me the importance of good speech and grammar. (Person you most admire and why) I most admire Dr. Marin Luther king Jr. and his view for the future. I also admire my mom and dad for all the love they have shown me.

Tabitha Munoz (RGB)Tabitha Mae Munoz (Parents) Heather Lalse, Briane Stone. (High School Activites)  Concert band, pep band, robotics, OWLS, Track. (Special Achievements) Robotics President, Star ratings in small group and solo music festivals, honor roll, early graduate. (Hobbies) Drawing, music, doing anything outdoors, reading. (Favorite school memory) Going to southwest marching band. (Plans after high school) Attend Dickinson State University for music performance and business management. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Creative writing with Ms. Dunn. This class gave me a chance to express myself, share my opinions and thoughts, and build character all while having a great time (Person you most admire and why) My Papa Randy, He’s been a drastic influence on my decisions and outlook on life for the past few years. He always does the moral thing and follows to his gut. He’s taught me to never judge someone for what you’ve heard and to always find out for myself. He’s been there for me through the good times and bad, always providing support.

Zack Raasch (RGB)Zach Raasch (Parents) Randy Raasch, Vivian Raasch. (High School Activites) Cross Country. (Special Achievements) Joining the U.S. Army. (Hobbies) Hunting, fishing, and camping. (Favorite school memory) Mrs. Mayer letting us play xbox on the projector screen. (Plans after high school) Start a successful military career. (Most Beneficial high school class and why) Government, as it taught me how our government works. (Person you most admire and why) My dad, because he taught me how to be what I am today.