Many stars for Hettinger music at regionals

Stars at the Region X Festival:

• Mixed Vocal Ensemble 4-6: “Shall I Compare Thee”:  Michael Shirek, Brock Rhoads, Melissa Milliren, Elli Kaitfors and Lizzy Thompson

IMG_8326 (2)

• Girl’s Vocal Trio:” You Are My Music”:   Elli Kaitfors, Lizzy Thompson, and Tayler Burwick

• Mixed Vocal Trio:” Stars I Shall Find”: Michael Shirek, Tayler Burwick and Lizzy Thompson

• Girl Vocal Ensemble 4-6:” Bright Morning Stars”: Melissa Milliren, Tayler Burwick, Lizzy Thompson and Elli Kaitfors

• Vocal Solos: Michael Shirek: “Orpheus with his Lute”: Lizzy Thompson: “O del mio amato ben”

• Girl’s Vocal Ensemble 7-12: “Arise My Love”  Lizzy Thompson, Keisha Hendricks, Elli Kaitfors, Brianna Robinson, Tayler Burwick, Skylynne Cummings, Nicole Landsem, Melissa Milliren, Jade Wolff, and Samantha Reuther, McKenna Poss

• Saxophone Duet: Lizzy Thompson and Tabby Munoz

• Clarinet Solo: “Adagio”:  Elli Kaitfors

• Euphonium Solo: “Annie Laurie” Michael Shirek

• Flute Solo: Anabeth Lint

• Mixed Misc. Instrumental Ensemble: “Air From County Derry” Tayler Burwick, Ben Dalley, Tabby Munoz, Madelyn Larson, Emily Shiek, Kelby Pemberton, Anabeth Lint, Elli Kaitfors, Michael Shirek, Lizzy Thompson, McKenna Poss and Reanne Corneilus

• Receiving a rating of Excellent (I) for Region X were:

• Mixed Vocal Ensemble 7-12:  “Why Does the Willow Weep:  Elli Kaitfors, Brianna Robinson, Melissa Milliren, Lizzy Thompson, Fiona Hitzeman,  Michael Shirek, Brock Rhodes, Tayler Burwick, Samantha Reuther, McKenna Poss

• Mixed Brass Ensemble: “Trumpet Voluntary”: Tayler Burwick, Brett Christopherson, Kelby Pemberton, Kaden Schauer, Carolyn Schults, Emily Shirek, Michael Shirek,

• Mixed Woodwind Trio: “Bouree” : Elli Kaitfors, McKenna Poss, and Anabeth Lint

• Girl’s Vocal Ensemble 4-6: “Music in the Water”: Skylynne Cummings, Jade Wolff, Keisha Hendricks, Melissa Milliren, Nicole Landsem, Fiona Hitzeman

• Mixed Vocal Duet: “Wilt Thou Be Gone Love”: Michael Shirek and Lizzy Thompson

• Girl’s Vocal Solo: “Loveliest of Trees”: Elli Kaitfors

Receiving a rating of Good (II) for Region X:

• Girl’s Vocal Duet: “Will There Really Be A Morning”: Anabeth Lint and Anna Kludt

• The HS Band performed “Balladair” and “ Cobra Dance” and received one Star and one Excellent rating for the day.  They placed 4th in the Region.

• The HS Choir performed “Salmo 150” and “Bring Me a Little Water Sylvie” and received one Star and one Excellent rating.  They placed 3rd in the Region.

Receiving Outstanding Performances of the day were the following groups:

• Girl’s Vocal Ensemble 4-6

• Euphonium Solo: Michael Shirek

• Mixed Vocal Trio

• Girl’s Vocal Trio

The following groups also received a Star rating at the State Class B Music Festival:

• Euphonium Solo: Michael Shirek

• Vocal Solo: Lizzy Thompson

• Girl’s Vocal Trio: “You Are My Music”

• Mixed Instrumental Ensemble: “Air From County Derry”

Clarinet Solo: Elli Kaitfors

• Mixed Vocal Trio: “Stars I Shall Find

• Girl’s Vocal Ensemble 4-6: “Bright Morning Stars”