Partners In Health Distribution puts the patient first

The Foundation at West River Health Services Partners In Health Committee met this past Tuesday, May 24, to hear small equipment proposals from various areas throughout West River Health Services and Western Horizons Living Centers.

WRHS Foundation

The Foundation at West River Health Services Partners In Health Committee met this past Tuesday, May 24, to hear small equipment proposals from various areas throughout West River Health Services and Western Horizons Living Centers. Eighteen proposals were submitted, with some written and some orally presented in person.

The committee placed an emphasis on patient-related equipment and decided to move forward with the following projects for 2016:

•Sit to Stand Lift at Western Horizons ($4,500)

•2 New Exam Tables at Bowman Clinic ($2,800)

•Mobile Vital Signs Machine @ Hett Clinic ($2,500)

•Blood Pressure Unit in Surgery ($2,500)

•Patient Trays/Dishes (Food/Nutrition) ($2,330)

•3 New Tables for WHCC Activity Room ($1,203)

•New Cast Saw at Mott Clinic ($1,153)

•Podiatry Equipment at NE Clinic ($295)

A total of $17,281 was approved for distribution out of the Partners In Health Fund at the WRHS Foundation. Partners in Health began in 2002 as a membership program within the Foundation, which assists in funding needed equipment and technology within a year’s time. Membership levels are based upon single or multiple gifts totaling $100 or more given within a single year (bronze level). Other giving levels are in place for those who give $250 or more (silver level), and $500 or more (gold level). Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our Partners In Health Program. Just call Ted at the WRHS Foundation at 701-567-3666. Since the program began in 2002, over $405,589 has been distributed for needed equipment at WRHS and WHLC.

Of course, in the last 22 months, the WRHS Foundation has been driving hard for the new MRI Scanner and MRI Building Addition to the hospital and for the “One Room At a Time Together” Campaign to renovate 42 individual resident rooms at Western Horizons Care Center. The $500,000 fundraising goal for the new $3 million MRI Project was easily surpassed months ago and currently sits at over $679,000 raised. The Foundation has also nearly reached the Care Center Renovations fundraising goal of $145,500 – and currently sits at $127,500; or $18,000 short of its goal. Once this goal is attained, the Foundation will get back to promoting, advertising and pushing for its Partners In Health Fund. Over the years, Partners in Health has provided numerous important pieces of equipment for WRHS and WHLC, including portable defibrillators, fetal heart monitors, pulmonary function testing machines, powered ambulance cots, bladder scanners, stress labs and Holter monitors, birthing beds, blanket fluid warmers, a hospice room, scales, dining chairs, ventilators, defibrillators, refrigerators, bariatric nu steps, exam tables, bilirubins, resident beds, vein finders, nursing station desks, furniture, phlebotomy carts, handheld ultrasounds, nursing software, syringe pumps for OB, and more.

The members of the current Partners In Health Committee are Alan McIntyre, Mary & Alvin Whitmer, Larry Jackson, Phyllis Enerson, Janice Heupel, Matt Barnes and Mike Mellmer. CEO Matt Shahan and FDO Ted Uecker also attend this annual meeting. This year, Al McIntyre has decided to step down from the committee and believes “we need new blood to invigorate Partners In Health and continue moving forward with improving our healthcare equipment at West River.” The committee recommended that we reach out to surrounding community members (especially in Mott, New England, Scranton, Bowman and Bison) who might be interested in participating with Partners In Health, bringing their friends into the Foundation, and continuing to improve the amazing healthcare standards at West River. The Foundation is fielding nominations over the next two months to add new members to the committee. Contact Ted Uecker at 701-567-3666 or, if you would like to nominate someone from your community.

There was also a discussion of considering an end of the year Partners In Health Appreciation Banquet for everyone who is a member. We thought maybe to expand this celebration to include everyone who gives to the Foundation, whether it be for ambulance, endowment, Western Horizons, MRI, Scholarship, etc, might be an even better idea. Once the “One Room..” Campaign is completed, the WRHS Foundation will begin promoting the Partners In Health Program once again and develop an end of the year celebration for any and all givers to the Foundation.

Thank you to all of the department leaders who submitted and/or presented proposals to the Partners In Health Committee. We didn’t approve all of the proposals (due to the fact that we only had so many funds accumulated), but we certainly appreciated all of your time and legwork involved. If there is any way the Foundation can find other funds, we will try and help with your projects.

Thanks to all of the committee members for participating, especially to Al McIntyre for all of his 30 plus years of board, committee and foundation work. We appreciate all your steadfast efforts for our community.

And lastly, thank you to all of the gift-giving members of Partners In Health. Your gifts and donations are what create the equipment necessary to improve our “local, close to home” awesome healthcare.  We appreciate your futuristic thinking and realization that what we have is absolutely amazing for a small rural community. Let’s keep it that way. Onward!