RZ Motors hosting local food drive

RZ Motors is gearing up to give back to the community.

Record Editor

Buy local, give local, save local.

Food Drive Box (RGB)That was the inspiration behind RZ Motors’ food drive that started this month. It will run all summer and finish on Aug. 31. Their goal is to raise 1,200 pounds of food, which will be distributed entirely locally through the Adams County Food Bank.

For your donation, you can save money on your vehicle services. For participating in the drive RZ Motors is offering a basic gas engine, 5 qt. oil change for the discounted rate of $29.95. The regular price for a rough oil change is $44.95.

Don’t need an oil change?

That’s ok, because participating customers can also receive a 10 percent discount on all other parts or service purchases. Each discount requires a donation of at least five cans of non-perishable goods.

All donations can be brought to RZ Motors. The staff at RZs plan to start a pile of the donations in their show room, so patrons can come and watch the progress grow before their eyes.

RZ Motors will also be doing their part to support the local food pantry. With every vehicle sold, the company will be giving a sizable donation towards the cause.

The staff at RZ Motors would like the community to know that they are “proud of this opportunity to benefit our local food pantry and we look forward to making it a big success.”

Anyone with questions can feel free to call RZ Motors at 701-567-2474.

So when you’re sifting through your cupboards, or walking down the isle at the grocery store, think of RZ Motors. Buy local, give local, and save local.