WRHS Foundation and RZ Motors team up for potentially HUGE fundraising campaign

West River Health Services Foundation and RZ Motors Inc. is once again teaming up to inspire employees at both organizations to participate in our local area community’s economy.

WRHS Foundation

West River Health Services Foundation and RZ Motors Inc. is once again teaming up to inspire employees at both organizations to participate in our local area community’s economy. From May 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017, RZ Motors is committing over $200 to the Foundation at West River Health Services for each new or used vehicle purchased by any West River Health Services, Western Horizons Living Centers, and/or United Clinic Physician’s employees and their Board of Director members. Each employee and/or board member who purchases a new or used vehicle at RZ Motors, needs to contact WRHS Fund Development Officer Ted Uecker at 701-567-3666 or at fdo@wrhs.com; then, once 12 employees have purchased a new or used vehicle, RZ Motors will present a check for $2,500 to the WRHS Foundation. Initially these funds will go toward the “One Room At a Time Together” Campaign to renovate 42 individual resident rooms at Western Horizons Care Center. Eventually, when that campaign’s goal is reached, the funds will be placed elsewhere within the WRHS Foundation (i.e. Partners In Health, Ambulance Fund, Scholarship Fund, Endowment Fund, a new campaign, etc.).

RZ Motors is a locally owned Ford, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicle dealership in Hettinger, North Dakota. They carry a full line of new and used vehicles, with a full-service repair, parts and sales team ready to get you and your vehicle where you need to go. Unlike Dickinson, Bismarck, Rapid City, etc. RZ Motors offers true “Service Close to Home,” where, if your vehicle is purchased from them, they will bend over backwards to provide service for you and your vehicle. If you need your oil changed, just call RZ Motors and they’ll come and get your vehicle, change your oil and return your vehicle for you. Or if your car won’t start, call RZ’s and they’ll do their best to get it started. If you have a flat tire and need some assistance, call RZ’s and they’ll try their best to help you out. You don’t get this kind of customer service everywhere! Especially not when it’s 25-200+ miles away!

Another principal that RZ Motors believes very strongly in is “Commitment to Area Communities.” Year in and year out, RZ Motors is almost always first in line to sponsor most every local area event – whether it’s the local rodeos, the local cancer benefits, the local schools, the local hospitals, the local youth groups, the 4th of July’s, the local fire departments, the local Foundation, and more. In fact, during June, July and August, 2016, RZ Motors will be hosting a major food drive for the local Food Pantry. When is the last time you witnessed a car dealership in Dickinson or Bismarck or Rapid City sponsor anything in your rural community?

RZ Motors is only asking for a fair shot. Why not give ‘em a chance to compete and earn your business? If you do and you decide to purchase a new or used RZ Motors vehicle, not only will you be helping your local economy and acquiring their unmatched “Service Close to Home” – but you’ll also be supporting a business that supports our local rural communities. One that is willing to provide over $200 back into your local healthcare leader’s Foundation for every new or used vehicle purchased by a West River, Western Horizons or United Clinics Physician’s employee and/or board member. Thereby, helping all of us enjoy improved “Healthcare Close To Home.”

This Partnership between RZ Motors and WRHS Foundation is just one example of the changes being implemented at the Foundation and throughout WRHS and WHLC. We are trying to reach out to our area communities, businesses and families; forming “Partnerships for the Future.” In the past year, we have seen these partnerships provide amazing success stories for our local healthcare – including our new “MRI Scanner and MRI Building Addition”; the “Mott Area Matching Campaign”; the “Ambulance Appreciation Program”; the “Ride For the Rooms”; the “WRHS Auxiliary Turkey Luncheon”; the annual Foundation “Adult Prom”; the annual “Foundation Nation” Scramble Golf Tourney and Jaycee’s BINGO; the annual KNDC and KBJM “Farm & Home Shows”; the Foundation’s “Partners In Health Program”; the Foundation’s “Scholarship Program”; as well as being involved in local parades, Community Rummage Sales, and “Scrubs Camp.”

We cannot say enough about how grateful we are at the WRHS Foundation for RZ Motors offering this amazing gift program to West River. Let’s all step up and give ‘em a shot; for their “Service Close to Home,” their “Commitment to Area Communities,” and their belief in strong rural “Healthcare Close to Home.” Onward!

Remember: All you West River, Western Horizons, and United Clinic Physician’s employees and/or board members, please contact Ted Uecker at ext 6187 or 701-567-3666 when you purchase any new or used vehicle at RZ Motors! You’ll be amazed at what we can do together!