Neighboring News


Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Lemmon Monday morning. In the afternoon they made a trip to Bismarck. In the evening, they visited with Kelly and Melissa Friedt.

Tiss COLUMN BOXTuesday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Mott so Morell could vote, in the afternoon, they attended the Flag Day parade in Medora and made a trip through the park and had supper before returning home.

Wednesday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Mott for parts. After a day of moving haying machinery, they were evening guests of Oscar and Bertha Klein.

Friday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were joined by Gordie and Debbie Bader and they made the trek on the Highway 21 treasure hunt, with Morell as chauffeur. They had supper in Bismarck before returning the Bader’s to their vehicle in Mott.

Saturday evening, Oscar and Bertha Klein were guests of Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson.

Sunday afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled to Medora to attend the Art Show for Deb Lee Carson. They had supper in Medora with Jeanne Tessier before returning home.

Sunday, Margaret and Bill Dickinson and Susan Gunn attended the Open House at the Lopez Studio.

Jim, Patsy and Christi Miller went to Rapid City Saturday and stayed with David and Nancy Miller and visited with the family members of Violet Miller. They returned home Sunday.

Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Bowman Tuesday. On their way home, they stopped in Lemmon and took the flowers off graves.

Patsy Miller took Matt and Christi Miller to Bismarck Wednesday for their surgeries. They returned home Wednesday night.

Jim Miller took Zabrina Miller to Scranton for her T Ball game.

Zabrina Miller spent Wednesday and Thursday nights with her grandparents, Jim and Patsy Miller. During the day Zabrina attended her activities in Hettinger.

Jim and Patsy Miller played cards in Hettinger Friday.

Sunday morning Jim and Patsy Miller accompanied Matt and Christi Miller and Zabrina to Sioux Falls and met Zabrina’s mother, she will be spending a week with her mother and Grandmother in Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Burress visited with John and Shirley Johnson Sunday afternoon.

Nick and Tammy Treib visited with John and Shirley Johnson Sunday morning.

Monday noon, Georgia Sandgren picked up Thelma Sandgren and they had lunch in Hettinger and then traveled on to Medora.

Tuesday, Georgia Sandgren, Thelma Sandgren met up with Mariette Cornella and her family, Kylee and Marcie Sandgren. They attended the Musical that evening. Mariette brought Thelma home Wednesday.

Friday, Thelma Sandgren played cards at the Senior Center in Hettinger.

Kelly and Danny LaDue traveled to Sturgis Monday and were overnight guests of Gary and Margie and then returned to their home in Draper, Utah Tuesday.

Owen and Ketch LaDue have been spending a week with their grandparents, Tim and JoAnne Seim. Friday night, Owen and Ketch were overnight guests of Justin and Jo Seim and boys.

Tuesday Bridget Keller and the boys and Trinity Harris went to Bison for T Ball.

Friday Larry, Sarah, Spencer and McKenna Dreiske were afternoon guests. They helped rearrange some rooms and stayed for supper.

Saturday, Kellers went to the lake for the afternoon.

Sunday Bridget Keller and the boys took Albert Keller and Duane and

Dawn Harris out for dinner to Smokys for Father’s Day


Jane Christman and Walter returned to Boulder, CO Monday morning after spending a week with Art and Marilyn Christman.

Jerry Petik attended a Glad Valley Fireman’s meeting Tuesday evening.

Carolyn Petik visited with her mother Irene Young at the Nursing Home in Lemmon several days this past week.

Jerry and Carolyn Petik attended the Lopez Open House in Lemmon Sunday afternoon.


DeJon and Jeri Lynn Bakken and Mirandi traveled to Bozeman, MT for Mirandi’s College orientation to Montana State Monday through Wednesday.

Saturday, DeJon and Jeri Lynn and Mirandi Bakken traveled Glendive, MT at attend the wedding of DeJon’s niece.

Monday Hailie Briscoe was an overnight guest of Jade Schaff.

Tuesday, Tammy Briscoe came out to the Klein farm and picked up Hailie and Jade. They went to Lemmon. Later that evening Tammy took Jade, Hailie and the rest of her family out to Shadehill to see the National Guard and they had BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs. Jade was an overnight guest of Hailie and Tammy brought Jade home Wednesday morning.

Thursday was Violet Klein’s 92nd birthday.

Friday, Jade Schaff was an afternoon visitor of Grandma Violet. Vern, Veronica, Hope and Jim Klein enjoyed the Hwy 21 Treasure hunt.

Saturday, Teri Schaff and Logan Velo of Williston arrived at the Klein home. Logan will be spending a week with his grandparents, Vern and Roni Klein.

Sunday, Vern, Roni, and Kim Klein, Jade Schaff, Teri Schaff and Logan Velo; Hope Klein and Tyler Dean all had lunch together. Teri Schaff then returned to her home in Williston. Roni, Tyler, Hope, Jim, Jade and Logan then attended John Lopez’s Art Show at his ranch. They then visited at Hope and Tyler’s home for a bit and returned home.

James Klein was a Sunday evening visitor of Grandma Violet Klein.