WRHS Foundation and Auxiliary Provide $16,000 For Academic Scholarships To Area Youth

Thousands of dollars from West River were given to area students to further their education.

WRHS Foundation

West River Health Services, the leader in Western Dakota healthcare, awarded $16,000 in academic scholarships to 18 area high school and college students. Over the years, the WRHS Foundation and Auxiliary has given out over $230,000 in academic scholarships to deserving area students via gifts from area families, organizations and businesses to the WRHS Foundation Scholarship Fund.

The past two years the WRHS Foundation has taken the Scholarship Program on the road to eleven area town’s graduating high school seniors and their high school counselors. Each of the past two years we have seen  75-85 applications for these scholarships!

The Scholarship Program itself includes two, $500 scholarships from the WRHS Auxiliary; three, individual $500 scholarships from the Steinmetz, Stippich and Feist families each; a $500 Denim Day Scholarship from the WRHS employees, which goes specifically to children of WRHS employees; and a number of Foundation Scholarships ranging from $500-$1,000. Most all of the scholarships are for students entering the medical field, except for the Denim Day scholarship which is open to all majors.

A scholarship committee within the WRHS Auxiliary selects the two Auxiliary scholarship winners and a committee comprised of members from the three board of director groups (including the Foundation, West River Health Services and Living Centers boards) selects the winners of the Foundation, Steinmetz,  Feist and Denim Day scholarships. Thank you to all of those committee members for their time and selection efforts. The Stippich family selects the winner of their scholarship.

The following are this year’s recipients of the 2016 WRHS Foundation and Auxiliary Scholarships:

Cassandra Andress (Hettinger – Foundation) Speech; Tia Baumberger (McIntosh – Foundation) Nursing; Colton Damjanovich (Lemmon – Denim Day) Education; Teagen Engel (Faith – Foundation) Nursing; Emily Ericsson (Scranton – Auxiliary) Nursing; Heather Harder (Bowman – Foundation) Radiology; Haley Hill (Mott – Foundation) Nursing; Cassie Holt (Scranton – Stippich) Nursing; Marranda Hulm (Bison – Foundation) Nursing; Samuel Kludt (Hettinger – Foundation) Pre-Med; Brittni Krance (South Heart – Foundation) Nursing; Laynee Kudrna (South Heart – Foundation) Occupational Therapy; Taylor Powell (Bowman – Foundation) Chemistry; Sierra Price (Faith, Feist – Foundation) Nursing; Michael Shirek (Hettinger – Steinmetz, Auxiliary) Pre-Med; Elizabeth Thompson (Hettinger – Foundation) Pre-Med; Katelyn Turner (Hettinger – Foundation) Nursing; Jenna Van Beek (Lemmon – Foundation) Pharmacy.

Of course, all of these academic scholarships are only made possible through our area families, organizations and businesses who give to the WRHS Foundation Scholarship Program. Extra special thanks to the Feist, Stippich, and Steinmetz families for their gifts and scholarships In Memory of their family members. Also, thanks to all of the WRHS employees who give to the Denim Day Scholarship Fund, which gives them the incentive to dress down in denim on Fridays.

If you would like to join our WRHS Scholarship Program with a gift, please contact Ted Uecker at the WRHS Foundation at 701-567-6187. Or maybe your family or business would like to start a scholarship In Memory of a loved one? If so, contact Ted and he can arrange for a meeting to discuss your idea.

Any graduating high school or current college students who might be interested in applying for our 2017 WRHS Scholarships, please go to our website at wrhs.com for more information. Most years our applications are due April 1. Onward!