Closing in on $1 million raised in less than two years

Amazing! That’s how we describe the support of our WRHS Foundation from area communities – most all of the families, businesses, and organizations from our area towns.



WRHS Foundation

Amazing! That’s how we describe the support of our WRHS Foundation from area communities – most all of the families, businesses, and organizations from our area towns. We are currently sitting at $985,000 raised the last 23 months at the West River Health Services Foundation. In the past three months we have raised over $60,000, with most of those funds going toward our “One Room At a Time Together” Campaign to renovate our 42 resident rooms at Western Horizons Care Center.

Speaking of which, we have raised $142,500 toward our “One Room..” Campaign’s fundraising goal of $145,500. Therefore, we are only $3,000 short of our goal – in only six month’s time! We have already begun renovating the Care Center, as 85 percent of the new flooring and 75 percent of the new painting is completed! Next come the new toilets, new sinks, new lighting and new furniture/decorations. If you‘ve thought about joining our efforts at the Care Center and would like to visit about a gift, please call Ted direct at 701-567-3666. He’ll be happy to meet with you — most anyplace, anytime. Our Care Center’s 5-Star rating by Nursing Home Compare shows our staff’s ability. Our residents and employees deserve 5-Star renovations for the 21st century.

Of course, most all of the credit for this awesome fundraising goes out to YOU – our area community supporters throughout Western Dakota and across the entire USA! Without your terrific giving spirit and belief in the importance of top-notch healthcare in rural Western Dakota, we wouldn’t be making nearly the progress we are. We have stayed true to our mission of providing fundraising and development services for West River Health Services and Western Horizons Living Centers as they provide comprehensive health and wellness services for the residents and visitors of the region. In addition, we have developed three key principals at the Foundation: 1) to build “Partnerships for the Future” with area businesses, organizations and families, 2) to reach out and participate with our area communities, and 3) to never tell people how much to give. We believe that every gift is important, no matter the amount; rather it’s the commitment shown to our future that matters the most.

West River Health Services was built upon the premise that “rural people deserve the same top-quality healthcare as their urban counterparts.” We have not forgotten this and we strive every day to provide top-notch healthcare services to our area communities. Our top three strengths of smart people, sensational teamwork care and state-of-the-art equipment and technology ring out loud and clear. We are a forward moving vehicle who does not accept the status quo – we’re always pushing the envelope to improve our rural healthcare services.

In addition to our “One Room..” Campaign, we have also been working hard to follow up on our Mott Area Matching Challenge Campaign. To thank all of our 85 families, businesses and organizations in the Mott area for their $33,800 in gifts toward renovations to our WRHS Mott Clinic, we are hosting an “Appreciation Picnic” on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., at the Mott Legion Park. This free appreciation picnic is open to the public – everyone is welcome, whether you’ve given or not. Maybe soon you’ll want to! We will be serving burgers/brats, chips and refreshments. Come hear Lori Hill, Family Nurse Practitioner and Mott Clinic Manager, describe the renovations to the Mott Clinic. And meet new WRHS CEO, Matt Shahan, as he presents his thoughts for the future of healthcare in rural Western Dakota.

To follow up our hugely successful 2nd Annual Adult Prom April 16, which raised over $38,000 for the “One Room…” Campaign — we hosted our 2nd Annual “Foundation Nation Scramble Golf Tournament” on May 21 at the Hettinger Country Club. In case some people didn’t care for exhibiting their golfing skills, we offered Hettinger Jaycee’s Bingo in the HCC clubhouse. With winds north of 50 mph, the golfing was quite a challenge. But seven teams of 29 people battled the breeze and made it around the 9-hole course in good fashion. The scores ranged from four under par for the winners (Christi/Garret Schmitz, Shane Erickson and Tony Muggerud) to a few over par for the finishers. Unfortunately no one made the $6,600 Hole-In-One on No. 8, but Barry Melling came real close! The team and individual prizes were many and most all of the golfers came in and joined the bingo players for more games of bingo and a tasty supper. When it was all said and done, the event raised $6,175, with $5,275 earmarked for the Care Center renovations. The Hettinger Jaycee’s raised over $500 via the Bingo, but then took the total up to $2,500 for the “One Room..” Campaign! Plus, we had sensational $500 gifts or more from Dr. Wellman, Dr. Sheffield, Dr. Carrie Ranum, Matt Shahan and Tony Muggerud! Thank you everyone.

Also in May, our Foundation & Auxiliary Scholarship Committees examined over 85 applications for our various scholarships at West River. Historically, the WRHS Foundation and Auxiliary have given out over $230,000 in scholarships to deserving area students over the years. This year, $16,000 in academic scholarships were awarded to eighteen area college-bound students. The scholarships ranged from $500 to $1,000 each, and were presented to students from nine area towns within the WRHS service area. Of course, all of these scholarships are only made possible through area families, organizations and businesses who give to the WRHS Foundation Scholarship Program. If you’d like to join our Scholarship Program with a gift, please contact Ted at 701-567-3666. Our future in rural healthcare depends on our ability to acquire the brightest minds to return to our areas and help us provide top-notch care.

Our Foundation’s “Partners In Health Program” met for its annual meeting on May 24th, to hear eighteen small equipment proposals from most all areas of WRHS and WHLC. The committee decided to move forward with eight proposals, totaling $17,281. They included a “Sit to Stand Lift” at Western Horizons, “Mobile Vital Signs Machines” at the Hettinger Clinic and Surgery Center, new “Exam Tables” at the WRHS Bowman Clinic, new “Activity Tables” at Western Horizons Care Center, a new “Cast Saw” at WRHS Mott Clinic, new “Trays/Dishes” at the cafeteria and new “Podiatry Equipment” at our WRHS New England Clinic.  Historically, Partners In Health has provided over $410,000 worth of small equipment purchases since 2002. Thank you to all of the employees who took time to research, write and present their proposals. And thank you to the committee for doing your best in determining the most needed projects going forward. We are looking for three new members of the Partners In Health Committee, as Alan McIntyre, Alvin and Mary Whitmer have agreed it’s time to bring in fresh ideas. If you might be interested in serving on this Partners In Health committee, please contact Ted Uecker at the WRHS Foundation asap at 701-567-3666.

Our Foundation’s 28th Annual “Fun Run & Walk” on the 4th of July was a smashing success! The weather was terrific, we had a lot of participants (175) considering it was a Monday 4th of July, and we raised the most funds we ever have – about $6,000! Shortly, we will meet to determine where these raised funds should be distributed. In the past we have directed these funds toward health and fitness areas at WRHS and WHLC, plus a few areas within our community. Our “Fun Run & Walk” raffle ticket was loaded with eleven awesome prizes, which strongly aided our fundraising effort and accounted for almost $3,500! As for the race itself, the Kids 1K run was blistered by Trevor Dalley and William Burkhalter; and the Adult 3K run was quickly finished by Ismael Arzola in 8 minutes 44 seconds; with the ladies’ top finisher being Kindall Seamands at 12 minutes 9 seconds. All of the raffle ticket prizes were handed out the day of the event. Thanks to all of the participants, sponsors, and volunteers. We look forward to the 29th Annual Fun Run next year.

Special thanks to the following “Friends of the Foundation” who have given almost $500 or more during the last three months:

Dacotah Bank $25,000; Debbie & Randy Nehring $5,000; Mott City Council $5,000; Dakota Frontier Cooperative $3,000; Good Samaritan Society — Mott $2,900; RZ Motors Inc. $2,500; WRHS Auxiliary $2,500; Holly & Richard Wyman $2,500; Land O’ Lakes $2,500; Uecker Yards Inc. $1,950; Matt & Katie Shahan $1,650; Swenson Families $1,500; Ted & Sheri Uecker $1,170; Holland Center Church $1,090; Dr. Cathy Houle & Todd Shirek 1,000; Dr. Roger & Janet Schauer $1,000; Commercial Bank of Mott $1,000; Mr. & Mrs. David Howe $1,000; Consolidated Telcom $1,000; Cheryl Freed Memorial $1,000; Dr. John & Gina Joyce $770; Mitch & Lani Schultz $636; Dr. Brian Willoughby $600; Dr. Josh & Dr. Carrie Ranum $569; Eve & Don Safratowich $560; Barry & Julia Melling $525; Mike & Heidi Mellmer $520; Dr. Stacie Wellman $500; Dr. Jennifer Sheffield $500; Bobbi & Rock Ringling $500; Jodi Uecker $500; Susan Uecker & John Shulman $500; Tami & Chris Ohman $500; Heather Zimmerman $500; Frances Nelson $500; Tony Muggerud & Rochelle Shirek $500; Dr. Mary Aaland $500; Mr. & Mrs. Blane Chapman $500; Mr. & Mrs. Gary Jung $500; Randy Jorgensen $500; Mark & Cynthia Resner $496; and Cleve & Brenda Teske $471.

Of course, we appreciate every gift at the Foundation, no matter the amount. We receive many gifts from $1 to $470. They are all respected, appreciated and handled with integrity.

Don’t forget that we offer an amazing “In Memory” or “In Tribute” Program through the Foundation. You determine what amount you want to give, where you want it to go at the Foundation, and we will notify the next of kin of your gift given “In Memory.” Please contact Ted at 701-567-3666 to learn how you can leave a legacy that helps future generations – instead of flowers that die or sympathy cards that lay in a box in the attic.

And lastly, SAVE THE DATE – WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 28 – hopefully we will be celebrating breaking the $1 million mark in the last two years at the Foundation. We are inviting everyone and anyone who has given $1 or more to the Foundation in the last two years to enjoy a free meal at The Granary prior to our Annual Meeting. Or maybe you’ve thought about joining the Foundation, and just haven’t quite yet. You can join at the door! Until next time, we have work to do. And, as always, thank you.