Neighboring News

Editors’ Note: Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around there region.


Rolla and Betty Stoltenburg of Watertown arrived Friday July 8th and were overnight guests of Dorothy and Lynn Frey.

Lynn Frey attended a Farmers Union meeting in Sioux Falls Tuesday and Wednesday.

Marilyn Schwartzbauer arrived at Dorothy and Lynn Frey’s Sunday to spend a few days.

Thursday evening, Keith and Bev Hoffman went into Lemmon and visited with Don and Judy Becht of Watertown, SD.

Saturday, Bev Hoffman attended the memorial service for Marvin Texley in Lemmon.

Vince and Susan Gunn and their grandson’s Erik and Liam Fechter attended the Boss Cowman Rodeo Friday and Saturday evenings.

Susan Gunn and Margaret Dickinson were among those who participated in the 3K Fun Run Walk during Boss Cowman.

Bill and Margaret Dickinson brought their pontoon boat over to the lake Thursday and Vince and Susan Gunn, Erik and Liam Fechter joined on the boat that evening.

Tiss Johnson made a trip to Lemmon Thursday afternoon and then went home for a few days.

Tiss Johnson visited with Thelma Sandgren on her way home Thursday evening.

Friday morning, Tiss Johnson picked up Lexi Johnson at the barn. They spent the day together and also made a trip to Bison in the late afternoon. Tiss was a supper guest of Gary and Jodi when she took Lexi home in the evening.

Tiss Johnson returned to her job north of Mott Saturday morning.

Shirley Johnson accompanied Jodi and Lexi Johnson to church Sunday.

Thursday morning John Johnson was a coffee guest of Thelma Sandgren.

Thelma Sandgren made a trip to Bison Thursday afternoon.

Mark Sandgren was a Thursday afternoon caller at Thelma Sandgren’s.

Friday afternoon, Thelma Sandgren went over to Shadehill and joined the family that was there for the Van Wyk Reunion.

Saturday, Thelma Sandgren was again at the Shadehill Lake for the Van Wyk Reunion.

Patsy Miller made a trip to Bison Tuesday.

Tuesday evening, Jim and Patsy Miller attended Zabrina Miller’s T ball game in Hettinger.

Jim and Patsy Miller made a trip to Dickinson Thursday.

Friday and Saturday, Jim and Patsy Miller spent time in McIntosh to attend Jim’s 50th class reunion.

Tuesday, Bridget and the boys went to Bison for T ball.

Thursday Bridget hosted a pampered chef party in attendance were Heidi and Maverick Kopren, Tiss Johnson, Patsy Miller, Dawn Harris, JoAnne Seim, Marla and Rain Archibald, Kaye, Coby, Colt and Emma Arthur, Mandy, Eric and Ella Anderson.

Friday Bridget traveled to Bismarck for the weekend for guard drill. She returned home Sunday evening.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were late Sunday supper guests of Oscar and Bertha Klein.


Gary and Cymbre Christman took Evan to the Rapid City Airport to return to San Diego. Gary and Cymbre then spent a few days with Chuck and Judy Lewis.


Anthony Schaff returned to his home in Dickinson Sunday after spending the weekend with Vern and Roni Klein and families.