Neighboring News


Tiss Johnson visited with Summer Peterson Monday afternoon.


Tiss Johnson visited with Summer Peterson Monday afternoon.

Tiss Johnson made a trip to Lemmon Tuesday morning. She took Nick Treib out to lunch.  On her way home she visited with Vern and Roni Klein and family, and also stopped briefly to visit with Lynn Peterson.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were Tuesday supper guests of Bertha and Oscar Klein.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip into Mott Wednesday morning.

Wednesday afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled to the south ranch.  They picked up Gary and Jodi Johnson and went out to supper in Reeder, ND.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning went out to lunch in Lemmon Thursday and then traveled to the north ranch.

Friday morning, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled to Mott where they picked up Claudia and Mert Benz.  They traveled through South Dakota to Wishek, ND to visit with Nita Bertsch.  They also visited with Loretta Nies, who used to be a cook at the Mott school. They returned home by way of Bismarck, where they had supper at the truck stop before taking the Benz’s back to their home.

Saturday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were guests at the Magstadt Reunion.  Tiss was the photographer for the day and Morell visited.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were Sunday morning and lunch guests of Melissa and Kelly Friedt and visited with Richard and Arlene Magstadt, Dave and Vicki Miller.

Merlyn Opp was a Sunday afternoon guest of Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson.

Sunday evening, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning called on Oscar and Bertha Klein.

Lynn Frey visited with Gene Hoffman at his home in Lemmon Sunday afternoon.

Lynn Frey visited with his mother, Dorothy Frey at the Five Counties Nursing home in Lemmon Sunday. She was admitted to the Nursing Home Monday and visitors are welcome.

Marilyn Schwartzbauer of Bismarck spent Sunday through Tuesday at the Frey ranch and helped moved her mother.

Eric and Liam Fechter of Kansas are spending time with their grandparents, Vince and Susan Gunn. They are swimming and fencing and doing chicken chores.

Our sympathy to the family of Keith Hoffman who passed away this past week. His funeral is Monday in Lemmon.

Mark Sandgren spent a week with Thelma Sandgren following the Van Wyk Reunion while Linda spent time in Lemmon with her mother, Lennice Parker.

Mark Sandgren spent Monday trimming trees at the Sandgren ranch.

Tuesday afternoon Mark and Thelma Sandgren went to Holland Center and visited Cemetery. They stopped at Lodgepole store for the coffee hour. They then went to Hettinger to the cemetery and on to Lemmon and joined Linda Sandgren and Lennice Parker for Pizza night.  James and Marci Sandgren came up and joined them.

Wednesday, Mark Sandgren spent some time with Ron Dragoo.

Wednesday, Brady and Meza Ham stopped and visited with Thelma Sandgren.

Thursday Mark and Linda Sandgren were overnight guests of James and Marci Sandgren in Bison.

Friday, Mark and Linda Sandgren spent the night with Georgia Sandgren in Sturgis.

Friday, Thelma Sandgren traveled to Hettinger and visited her sister Gladys Vliem and played cards at the Senior Center.

Saturday, Mark and Linda Sandgren returned to their home in Colorado.

John Johnson was a morning coffee guest of Thelma Sandgren one day this past week.

Shirley Johnson went to church Sunday with Jodi and Johnson.

Bridget Keller and the boys went to a T ball in Bison Tuesday evening.

Wednesday Dawn Harris watched the boys and Bridget Keller traveled to Bismarck for appointments.

Saturday, Albert and Bridget Keller and boys and Woody and Paige Marshall went camping. They returned home Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday Jim and Patsy Miller spent time in Lemmon.

Thursday, Patsy Miller made a trip to Lemmon.

Friday, Jim Miller went to Hettinger to play cards at the Senior Center. In the evening, he accompanied Matt and Christi to Reeder for a Shriners meeting.

Friday, Patsy Miller traveled to Lemmon and met some classmates, Paula and Larry Johnson; Darlene and Bob Burckhartzmeyer of Huron. They had supper together and visited.

Saturday, Jim and Patsy Miller attended Patsy’s 50th Class Reunion in Lemmon.

Sunday, Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller spent the day with Jim and Patsy Miller.  Zabrina was an overnight guest and will be attending Bible School in Bison the next week.


Gary and Cymbre Christman spent the week with Art and Marilyn Christman.


Monday Vern and Roni Klein traveled to Hettinger.

Tuesday, Tiss Johnson stopped at The Klein home and had a short but sweet visit.

Vern, Roni and Jim Klein and Jade Schaff went to Lemmon Friday.  They visited Hope Klein and Tyler Dean – Kitsu was left there for the night.

Saturday, Vernon, Veronica, Hope and James Klein, Jade Schaff and Tyler Dean went to Shadehill to visit with the Engle families. Aunt Sylvia Engle of Hettinger and her four kids, Rita and Vince Duck from Faith; Rick and Cindy Engle from Sturgis; Rocky Engle from Bismarck, Reed Engle from Chamberlain, SD, and their families.  S’mores were made and a bonfire was enjoyed by all.

Sunday, Clarence Volks was an evening visitor at Vernon and Veronica Klein. Matthew Mollman and Kelly Day were overnight guests of James Klein and Jade Schaff.  Hope Klein and Tyler Dean were also evening visitors.

Last Sunday DeJon, Jeri Lynn, Leif and Mirandi Bakken all joined Rob & Dana Kono of Plevna and Jamie, Kristy, Tori & Alex Ogolin of Miles City at Shadehill Lake for the afternoon.

Friday Mirandi Bakken hosted the East Adams Roughriders 4-H club at the Bakken home.

Leif Bakken enjoyed the ND State Fair over the weekend.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.