Neighboring News


Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning spent Monday in Lemmon.

Tiss COLUMN BOXTuesday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning accompanied Gary Friedt to Lemmon.  Gary hauled some bulls down for Morell.

Wednesday Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning both traveled to Lemmon.  They attended the cattle sale and then Tiss continued on home.

Thursday morning, Tiss Johnson traveled to Rapid City where she met up with Sheila Whitney.  They traveled to Casper, WY to attend KallypsoCon, a Western Romance authors convention held over the weekend.

Lynn Frey visited his mother, Dorothy Frey, at the Nursing home in Lemmon Friday afternoon.

Monte Frey helped Lynn Frey on the ranch Thursday and Saturday.

Bev, Amya and Irie Hoffman traveled to Bison Saturday and visited with Jeff and Jackie Van Vactor.

Bev Hoffman took Amya and Irie Hoffman to Bismarck Sunday where she met Harmonie Hoffman. The girls returned home with their mother.

Susan Gunn worked at the Thrift shop in Lemmon Friday.

Margaret Dickinson and Susan Gunn worked at the Thrift shop in Lemmon Saturday.

Vince and Susan Gunn played cards at Summerville Sunday afternoon.

Thelma Sandgren called on Shirley Johnson Sunday evening.

Mike, Sam and Lance Johnson and Megan Torpen and Sam’s boyfriend were Sunday afternoon visitors of John and Shirley Johnson.

Donnie Proctor and his daughter MacKenna and her boyfriend of Dickinson were Sunday afternoon visitors of John and Shirley Johnson.

Last week Monday evening, James and Marci Sandgren brought supper for Thelma Sandgren.

Last Tuesday, Thelma Sandgren made a trip to Lemmon and had lunch with Leslie and Tucker Kling.

Last Thursday was Thelma’s day in Bison and she also took care of some business.

Kylee Sandgren came up to the Sandgren ranch last Friday and helped her grandmother, Thelma Sandgren do a few things.

Last Saturday afternoon, Georgia Sandgren came up to the ranch for the afternoon and helped her mother get a few things done.

Tuesday, the carpet cleaners came to the Sandgren ranch. While they were there, Thelma went to Hettinger to the Assisted Living and visited her sister, Gladys Vliem.

Wednesday, Tiss Johnson called on Thelma Sandgren in the afternoon.

Thursday was Thelma’s hair day in Bison. She also visited her kids at the Title office.

Friday, Thelma Sandgren played cards at the Senior Center. She was among the winners.

Thelma Sandgren visited John and Shirley Johnson Friday evening.

Thelma Sandgren joined Reed and Carla Resner for dinner Friday and they helped Dean Anderson celebrate his 75th birthday.

Friday, Jim and Patsy Miller played cards at the Senior Center in Hettinger.

Jim, Patsy, Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller traveled to Rapid City to Reptile Gardens Saturday.

Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller came to the Jim and Patsy Miller ranch Sunday for dinner. In the afternoon, Patsy and Christi Miller traveled to Billings, MT.  Matt, Jim and Zabrina went to Bison to a Mason’s meeting at the Masonic Lodge.

Monday Bridget Keller and the boys went to Bison.

Thursday, Larry, Sarah, Spencer and McKenna Dreiske brought supper out to the Kellers.

Friday Bridget Keller traveled to Bismarck for Dr. appointment. Grandma Dawn Harris watched the boys.

Saturday Paige Marshall spent the day with the Keller boys.

Sunday Albert and Bridget Keller and the boys went to the home of Tim and JoAnne Seim in the afternoon for Jacobs birthday party.


Lance Wu of Taiwan, who had spent three weeks with Jerry and Carolyn Petik through the IFYE program traveled on Wednesday to spend time with another Host Family.

Jerry and Carolyn Petik were among those who attended the Hugh Glass Rendezvous at the Grand River Museum Thursday evening.

Saturday, Jerry and Carolyn Petik visited with Irene Young and other residents at the Nursing Home in Lemmon Saturday afternoon.

Frank and Joanne Rosenau were Sunday afternoon visitors of Jerry and Carolyn Petik.


DeJon and Jeri Lynn Bakken took Mirandi Bakken to Bozeman, MT Tuesday through Thursday.  On the way they were overnight guests of DeJon’s sister in Miles City.  Mirandi checked in to college Wednesday and DeJon and Jeri Lynn returned home Thursday.

Monday was the first day of school. Jade Schaff is a third grader and James Klein is an 8th grader. Morell Hirning was a morning coffee guest.

Wednesday morning, Morell Hirning was a coffee guest of Vern Klein. Later Vernon and Veronica Klein went to Lemmon. In the afternoon, Bob Johnson was an afternoon visitor.

Friday, Vernon Klein went to Lemmon in the morning and picked up Hope Klein. After spending some time in Lemmon, Vern drove Hope over to Hettinger. Then Vern took Hope home and after lunch Vern, Roni, James Klein and Jade Schaff went into Lemmon to Hope Klein and Tyler Dean’s apartment. Where Roni was surprised that Anthony Schaff was already a guest there! Anthony and Hope then gave Veronica Klein her birthday gift – a camera. Vernon, Veronica, James and Jade Schaff returned home and Anthony Schaff brought Hope Klein out to the farm. After supper, Vern took Hope home for the evening.

Saturday Vernon, Veronica Klein, and Anthony Schaff made brunch. Then everyone got dressed and we went to Lemmon and got Hope Klein and her puppy, Zack. Then Anthony and Jim and Jade in Anthony’s pickup and Vernon and Veronica and Hope Klein drove out to Hugh Glass Park for the Rendezvous. Which made Veronica Klein’s 51st Birthday so EXTRA special. They went for a horse drawn wagon ride, walked by all the tent sites and talked to quite a few people. They came away with a lot of information! They then returned to their cars to head home. Anthony dropped Hope off at her apartment. Vernon & Veronica Klein and Jade Schaff picked up Liam McCartney and they all went out to the Klein farm. Hope Klein and Tyler Dean and Violet Klein were supper guests at Vernon and Veronica Klein’s to celebrate Veronica’s 51st birthday. Gluten free cake was made by Vernon and enjoyed by all. Liam was an overnight guest.

Sunday, Vernon and Veronica Klein and Jade Schaff returned Liam home – did some grocery shopping and returned home. Anthony Schaff stayed for supper and then headed home to Dickinson in the evening. Bob and Cleo Johnson were brief visitors at the Klein’s.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.