Athletes are running with passion and dedication this season


For The Record

Stephanie Howe is again coaching the Night Hawk cross country team.  She only has seven runners out but what I like about Stephanie is her love and dedication for the sport and it shows in her written comments.  She has some young runners and I’m sure if they stick to the sport coach Howe will get the best out of them.  Zeta Drolc is her assistant coach.

PHOTO—Morgan Hutzenbiler (LEFT) and Sidra Sadowsky (RIGHT) take off from the starting line at Bowman County. (Photo by Cole Benz)
PHOTO—Morgan Hutzenbiler (LEFT) and Sidra Sadowsky (RIGHT) take off from the starting line at Bowman County. (Photo by Cole Benz)

Coach Howe’s assessment of the team; “Killdeer meet went really well. This was a different meet than what we normally run. They did relays. Each runner ran one loop around the course slapping hands with their partner and they would run a loop. I ran Sidra Sadowsky and Morgan Hutzenbiler together on JV and they got first place! Peyton Tuhy and Brian Bartholmy ran it together and Mitch Dalley ran with a runner from a different school. It was a very fun race to kick off the season. The Bowman meet was on Thursday although it was windy we had some great performances. The girls race has been bumped up to a 5k this year it has been a 4k in the past so we had to bump up the training a bit on the girls side. The girls Varsity race Sidra Sadowsky placed 11th with a time of 23:52.30! Morgan Hutzenbiler finished with a time of 26:59.98, this is Morgan’s first year running XC. She has shown great dedication and has done very well. Sidra is running her second year of XC and has already shown vast improvements. She has trained hard all summer and is ready to take on this season. I am very proud of how well she has done in this sport. She definitely has a natural talent for distance running.”

“Peyton Tuhy placed seventh in the JV race on Thursday with a time of 13:41.76. He has shown some natural talent in running as well as hard work during practice. I believe he has a great future in this sport. Levi Howard finished with a time 15:26.44 this was Levi’s first race this season. This is also Levi’s first year running cross country. He did do some training over the summer which has shown. He is at practice every day working hard and it shows in his improvements. Mitchell Dalley finished with a time of 15:43.13. He has shown great effort and has worked hard this season as well. This is Mitchell’s first year of cross country and I am very excited to see how much he will improve over the season. Brian Bartholmy ran a time of 19:18.85, this is also his first season out for cross country. He ran some of the elementary races at the bigger meets last year and has had a passion for running. He brings that passion to each and every practice. He puts forth his best efforts and I enjoy watching him grow as a runner.”

“We may not have a big quantity of runners but we certainly have quality. These kids have shown dedication and motivation for this sport and I couldn’t be more proud. This year I have a younger team. My goal this season was to work on building a good strong base. We need endurance and strength. The one thing these other schools have over us is an elementary running program and they train year round. As opposed to signing up for a bunch of meets my goal was to focus more on the training aspect of the sport and attend some of the bigger meets with the tougher competition. We need five runners in each race to place as a team and we are lacking in the number of runners in each race. We will most likely not place with points or as a team so we are choosing to focus on improving on an individual level. As long as they get better with each race I know I am doing my job. Our next race is in Mandan which will be quite a few Class A schools, but I think it will be a great way for them to see how much their hard work has paid off.”