Renovations at Runnings

Store receiving overhaul to increase space, and efficiency

Runnings is currently undergoing expansion renovations.  (Photo by Cole Benz/The Record)
Runnings is currently undergoing expansion renovations. (Photo by Cole Benz/The Record)

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor

The local Runnings location in Hettinger is currently undergoing a renovation expansion. Dennis Jensen, who is with the marketing department at their corporate headquarters, said that they are remodeling parts of the store in order to make it more efficient and to give it an overall “freshening up” of the location.

“We’re remodeling certain parts of the store,” Jensen said. “It’s a freshening up of the entire store.”

The main part of the project will focus on relocating the warehouse and adding a loading dock. Currently, the warehouse is on the west side of the building near the front. The renovation will move it to the back and on the east side of the building, where the loading dock will be located. This move will also free up space for an increase in products.

“We’re going to move that to the back and put in a loading dock in the back,” Jensen said. “And that’s going to free up about 2,000 square feet of sales space in our store.”

With the added space the store plans to expand their sporting goods department, according to Jensen. He said that there has been a demand for a larger sporting goods area, and that this was a good time to expand the department while adding the loading dock.

“We heard [the demand], and we thought this was a good opportunity to accomplish several of those goals,” Jensen said.

The expanded sporting goods will include hunting, fishing and firearms.

Construction is currently in progress and the anticipated timeline for completion is the January 2017, but that it could change if problems or issues arise.

“We don’t have a specific date because things, as you know, change, but the first of the year is definitely our goal,” Jensen said.

Jensen said the corporate offices are in constant communication with the local stores and work with local management during these projects.

Currently Jensen said that the green house—which is a popular stop for the region during the summer—is slated to stay on the east side of the building, but that may change if there is a better situation following construction.

“Once we get the construction all done, there may be a better way to display that,” Jensen said.

He also said they try to make things easier for their teams at their local stores, and when that opportunity arises, they take advantage.

“Whenever we can make things easier and more efficient in loading and unloading merchandise we’re going to take advantage of that,” Jensen said.