Eye on southwest ND sports

This Friday’s football game with New Salem-Glen Ullin is as important as it gets at this point for the Night Hawks’ season.

Sheldon COLUMN BOXThis Friday’s football game with New Salem-Glen Ullin is as important as it gets at this point for the Night Hawks’ season. They could finish as high as first in the region with a win, and either second or third with a loss. If they lose, and Richardton-Taylor-Hebron (R-T-H) defeats Grant County, R-T-H would place second and the Night Hawks third due to R-T-H defeating the Night Hawks earlier in the season.

R-T-H should be favored over Grant County, but they are playing at Grant County. If the Night Hawks finished first or second, they would get a first round bye. If they should finish third they would host a first round game with the third place team in Region 6 on Oct. 15. That team will be determined this Friday also, as it could be Mohall, Kenmare or Divide County.

New Salem’s only loss this year was to Shiloh in their first game of the year by a score of 40-20. Shiloh was rated No. 2 in the 9-man poll as of Sept. 28 and are undefeated.

It is only preliminary for now, but Shiloh could be moving to Region 5 along with Underwood/Turtle Lake-Mercer/McClusky for the 2017-18 seasons. Bowman of course moves out of the region due to being placed back into Division A 11-man. Region 5 would then have eight teams and the other five regions would each have seven. Killdeer did opt up to Division A of 11-man. At one point Shiloh was going to be in Division A also.

The Night Hawk volleyball has a big contest with Trinity this coming Monday, Oct. 10, at Trinity.

The Night Hawk “C” squad volleyball team finished third in a tournament held in Hettinger on Oct. 1.

Bowman County is still in the top five in the latest cross country poll (as of Sept. 28) for Class B Boys: 1, New Town. 2, Hillsboro-Central Valley. 3, Rugby. 4, Bowman County. 5, Hatton-Northwood-Thompson. Other receiving votes: Beulah-Hazen.

Sports schedule for the coming week is as follows:

– Oct. 7, Varsity Football at New Salem

– Oct. 8, Cross Country at Beulah

– Oct. 8, JV Volleyball Tourney at Hazen

– Oct. 10, Cross Country at Killdeer

– Oct. 10, JH Football at Bowman

– Oct. 10, JH Volleyball at Lemmon

– Oct. 10, Varsity Volleyball at Trinity

– Oct. 10, JV Football at Baker

– Oct. 13, Varsity Volleyball at Lemmon

See you at the games.

Sheldon Christenson is a Hettinger resident and covers Night Hawks sports for the Adams County Record.