Night Hawks rally to down Mott-Regent

Down at halftime, Night Hawks outscore Wildfire 48-14 in second half

For The Record

Reminiscent of a high scoring football game between the Hettinger Black Devils and the Richardton-Taylor Raiders back in October 2005, the Hettinger-Scranton Night Hawks defeated the Mott-Regent Wildfire 66-50 on Friday, Sept. 30.  In that October 2005 game there was a total of 100 points scored and over 1,000 yards of offense with RT coming out on top 54-46.

Seth Olson (#55) tackles Mott-Regent’s Brady Wegh (#3). (Photo by Cole Benz)
Seth Olson (#55) tackles Mott-Regent’s Brady Wegh (#3). (Photo by Cole Benz)

The game opened up like the making of a 100-point game, as at the end of the first quarter the Wildfire were up 22-12.  Mott-Regent had scored first, and on all three of their possessions, and the Night Hawks on their only two.  Isaiah Kludt had a dazzling run on Hettinger/Scranton’s second touchdown.  He grabbed a short pass from quarterback Jaxon Mellmer on the sideline and seemed to be caught but somehow escaped and headed for the other side of the field and then down the sideline for the score.

The second quarter continued the trading of touchdowns as Hettinger/Scranton opened with their third touchdown on a Damon Cornelius 35-yard run.  The Wildfire returned the favor on a Josh Wallace 28-yard scoring run.

It looked like Hettinger/Scranton was going to respond with another score when Kludt had a big gainer and was finally tackled inside the Night Hawks 20-yard line.  But the first significant penalty of the night brought the run back on a holding call.  Mott-Regent would later score when their quarterback Brady Wegh found Hunter Crist for a 2-yard touchdown pass as the first half clock expired.  Mott-Regent held a 36-18 lead at half time.

The second half opened up with the Night Hawks scoring on their first possession as Cornelius scored from two yards out.  Hettinger/Scranton then recovered an on-side kick and Kludt would later score from 42 yards out.

On the ensuing possession by the Wildfire, the Night Hawks recorded their first stop of Mott-Regent’s offense, and then proceeded to score on Hudson Pierce’s 19-yard run.  Before the third quarter would end, the Wildfire would score twice on a Wegh touchdown pass to Aaron Roth and a 2-yard run by Wegh.  Sandwiched between those two Mott-Regent touchdowns was a 45-yard scoring run by Hettinger/Scranton’s Pierce.  At the end of the third quarter the Wildfire were hanging on to a 50-44 lead.

It was all Night Hawks in the final quarter though, as their defense stepped up and held the Wildfire scoreless while applying good pressure on Wegh which included a couple of sacks.  Night Hawk scoring came from Jacob Dix on a 62-yard pass from Mellmer, Cornelius scoring on 12-yard pass from Mellmer, and Kludt on a 27-yard run.

There were a couple of injuries as Night Hawk lineman Nevan Weaver left the game in the second half with a knee injury, and Mott-Regent’s Josh Wallace didn’t play much in the second half with an injury.  The Night Hawks failed to convert on extra point attempts on six of their nine TDs.


RUSHING:  HS, Cornelius 17-171, Kludt 9-165, Pierce 10-83; MR, Wegh 22-99, Wallace 15-115.

PASSING: HS, Mellmer 3-6-1 148 yards; MR, Wegh 8-21-0 156 yards.

RECEIVING: HS, Kludt 1-68, Cornelius 1-20, Dix 1-62 yards; MR, Crist 4-91, Wallace 1-49, Roth 3-16.