Scranton FFA competes at District 8 Leadership Conference

The Scranton FFA worked and prepared for weeks for the District 8 Leadership Conference, which was held in Dickinson on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Scranton FFA Chapter. (Courtesy Photo)
Scranton FFA Chapter. (Courtesy Photo)

Scranton FFA Reporter

The Scranton FFA worked and prepared for weeks for the District 8 Leadership Conference, which was held in Dickinson on Wednesday, Sept. 28.  The chapter sent 25 members to the Conference to compete in all the areas of competition.

To start us off, Quinn Mellmer competed in the FFA Creed contest and received gold and second place and will represent Scranton at state convention in June. Quinn also competed in the Greenhand quiz, along with Sam Oase, Connor Dilse, Brady Dillon, Warrick Dilse, Casitee Miller, Brooke Swann, Zoie Johns, Jaren Anderson, Quentin Schumacher, Andrew Valloff, Abi Sulzman, Kaitlyn Bartholmy, and Zach Lenox.  Sam and Abi tied for high individual. The Scranton Greenhand Quiz team was first place and received a Gold award.   The greenhand quiz team showed their expert knowledge of the FFA organization.  Answering question such as “Who is the father of FFA?”, “Who wrote the FFA Creed?” and What movies did the FFA jacket appear in?”. Well if you knew Henry Gloseclose, EM Tiffany and Napoleon Dynamite you are an expert FFA member.

Other teams and individual events that were taken part in by the chapter were the advanced quiz team which consisted of Abbi Steeke, Jordan Dilse, Ebony Musonda, Jaxon Mellmer and Elizabeth Bartholmy received a gold team award and second place and compete at state in June. Jordan was second high individual and Abbi was sixth.   The chapter quiz team was quizzed on their knowledge of parli pro, history, past individual and team winners, whos who in FFA state and nationally.

Abbi Steeke participated in the Memorized Public Speaking event; she received a silver award.  Taylor Hestekin participated in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking event, receiving silver.  Jordan Dilse took part in the Job Interview competition receiving a silver.  Abbi Steeke demonstrated how to fill an AI gun in the “Demonstration” event and received a silver.

Finally, we have the leaders of the Scranton FFA chapter, which would be the officer team, competing in the Parli Pro event.  The Scranton FFA officer team consisted of president Jordan Silse, vice president Calli Anderson, secretary Taylor Hestekin, treasurer Jaxon Mellmer, reporter Abbi Steeke, sentinel Briana Sanford, parliamentarian Brady Dillon and student advisor Molly Holt.  They worked very hard and earned a silver team award and got fourth in the district.

The Greenhand Parli Pro event consisted of president Brady Dillon, vice president Quinn Mellmer, secretary Warrick Dilse, treasurer Kaitlyn Bartholmy, reporter Andrew Valloff, sentinel Abi Sulzman, student advisor Connor Dilse and member Zach Lenox.  The greenhand parli pro team learned the basics of running an effective meeting and presented their abilities at district leadership and received a silver award.

Everyone worked very hard. We did an excellent job of representing our chapter, the FFA association, and the town of Scranton.  Congratulations and a job well done to everyone!!