Grand River Roundup

Fall has definitely arrived. We got a nice, warm rain on Monday, but the wind came up hard on Tuesday and the temperature dropped.

Betty Olson COLUMN BOX 2Fall has definitely arrived. We got a nice, warm rain on Monday, but the wind came up hard on Tuesday and the temperature dropped. It was so cold and windy on Wednesday that I fired up the woodstove to keep from freezing to death in the house! It froze hard Wednesday night, and for the next two nights. I’m not looking forward to winter, but it will be here soon.

Monday, Casey and Taz went to help Sage run concrete at his new house west of Hettinger. They mind getting rained on while they worked.

Casey went to the Hackamore on Tuesday to help Doug and Clint Doll work cows in that howling wind. We had a Cattle Trail meeting in Spearfish that evening and the wind was blowing just as hard down there. Joe Logue and I arrived at the same time and the wind almost blew us over as we were climbing the steps into the Heritage Center. Our old friend and cowboy poet Slim McNaught and his wife Darlene came to GWCTA meeting. Slim suffered a major stroke a while back that left him unable to speak and paralyzed on one side, but now he’s getting around really good and his speech has improved so much he just got back from preforming at the Cowboy Poetry festival in Alzada that got him a standing ovation!

Joel Finnesgaard and his family shared Christian music at the Beckman Memorial Church in Prairie City Wednesday evening. They are a talented family.  Joel played the trumpet, his 10 year old daughter played the guitar, mandolin, and violin, her even younger brother played two different guitars, a ukulele, and a violin, Joel’s wife played the drums and they all sang. The wind was still blowing when we got home, so it was nice to sit by the warm woodstove after I shut in my chickens.

The Hackamore worked cows again Thursday morning so Casey went up to help Doug and Clint Doll before going to Hettinger that afternoon for an appointment with his surgeon to set a time to get the bone spurs taken off his other elbow since the first one he had the surgery on is recovering nicely.

Taz and Amanda left Thursday for the PRCA Badlands Circuit Finals in Minot. Taz qualified in steer wrestling. The finals started Thursday and continued through Sunday afternoon. Chasen Floyd won the year and Taz won the average, so they’ll both be going to Florida in April!

There were more deaths to report this week. Marilyn (Kellogg) Brockel, 81, passed away last Sunday at the Western Horizons Care Center in Hettinger. Marilyn’s funeral was Monday at the McIntosh Baptist Church in McIntosh. Her son Rev. Audie Brockel officiated and she was buried in the McIntosh City Cemetery next to her husband Leo. Audie was the pastor at Slim Buttes Lutheran several years ago and is related to all the Brockels in the Bison area.

Pastor Allen Menter, 87, of Faith passed away Oct. 3 at the Sturgis Regional Hospital in Sturgis. Pastor Menter’s funeral will be Wednesday at the Prairie Home Church west of Maurine with burial to follow at the Monument Cemetery west of the Church. Pastor Menter served as minister at the Prairie Home Church for several years.

We just got word that Della (Oliver) Hatle, 79 of Bison, passed away on Saturday at the Rapid City Regional Hospital. We haven’t heard when Della’s funeral will be yet.

These families have our sympathy.

Sandy Rhoden sent me information on the Lady Liberty’s Alive Rally sponsored by the Meade County Republican Women that will be at the Sturgis Community Center in Sturgis on Saturday, Oct. 15 starting at 10:00 a.m. The speakers will be award winning journalist and Meade County resident Chastity Julson; Qusi Al-Haj, West River field director for Sen. John Thune; Rep. Scott Craig, pastor of Big Horn Canyon Church in Rapid City; and Secretary of State Shantel Krebs, who is one of my favorite politicians. There will be a free lunch, door prizes, a fashion show, shopping and a mini-cooking school. It sounds like a lot of fun!

The Homecoming football game was Friday night with Harding County playing Newell. Harding County won the game 54-0 in the third quarter, but the big news was all the money that volunteers raised selling 50/50 tickets for a fundraiser for little Brady Thompson who is in the hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich. with blood clots in his heart. The person who had the winning ticket donated their half of the money to Brady and he’ll receive $2,000!

Have you been listening to all news stories about Hurricane Matthew? Some of our local folks are having to deal with that terrible storm. Mel and Mary Eggebo’s son Jared got married in the Virgin Islands on Wednesday. Evidently the storm wasn’t too bad where they were, but they weren’t able to fly home until Monday because all flights were canceled because of the hurricane.

Eldon and Mary Jean Jensen drove down to their home in Venice, Fla. this week. Venice is on the west side of Florida, so the hurricane didn’t hit them. They had planned on stopping to visit their son David and Amber (Beld) Jensen in Pinehurst, North Carolina on their way south, but had to skip that because the hurricane hit there as it moved up the coast. Dave’s family has been without electricity and water for several days and the streets are flooded.

I’ll leave you with this from Jay Leno:

“A lot of people think global warming is causing these terrible hurricanes. See, I think to stop global warming we should move in the other direction. We should move towards a second ice age. Follow me, if the glaciers are coming towards us at like an inch a year, then the government would have time to respond.”

Betty Olson is a South Dakota rancher and state legislator for District 28.